TIFF — “The Belko Experiment” Is Violent Kill Or Be Killed Mayhem At Its Best



If The Running Man, The Hunger Games, and Office Space had a three-way marriage and birthed a child, it would be THE BELKO EXPERIMENT. Helmed by Wolf Creek director Greg McLean and written by Guardians of the Galaxy maestro James Gunn, the blood spattering thriller is a sick, twisted, and ridiculous joyride of murderous insanity.

The story follows a group of 83 Americans who think it’s a normal day at Belko Industries in Bogata, Columbia. But their day takes a turn for the worst when their high-rise corporate office is put on lockdown and a mysterious voice on the company’s intercom system orders them to participate in a kill or be killed game where only one can survive.

Simply put: The Belko Experience is awesome with a capital WTF. I hate to sound like a bottle service bro, but I will do anything to sing the praises of this delightfully subversive movie. Any time there is a massive ensemble cast and a Lord of the Rings situation introduced, I’m immediately sold — especially with a duo like McLean and Gunn, who are known for their distinct genre films that screw with your head and make you smile at the same time.

The aforementioned cast is led by John Gallagher Jr. and includes Tony Goldwyn, Adria Arjona, David Dastmalchian, Melonie Diaz, James Earl, David Del Rio as well as members of the unofficial James Gunn acting troupe, Michael Rooker and Sean Gunn. And in an enjoyable casting of coincidence, Office Space alum John C. McGinley appears in the movie as the resident sleazy douchebag.

From beginning to end, the bloody thriller is a non-stop white-collar battle royale where Gunn and McLean keep you guessing who will survive. More than that, they manage to come up with the wildest ways for people to die a fantastic death — which is always a fun sight. From elevators dismembering bodies to Molotov cocktails to straight-up exploding brains, nobody is safe — which keeps tensions high and things interesting.

But when the last body is dismembered and the last bullet is shot through someone’s head, The Belko Experiment is a gloriously hyper-violent masterpiece that will give you depraved fantasies of doing things to that obnoxious co-worker in the next cubicle.


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