Tilda Swinton In Talks To Join Marvel’s “Doctor Strange”


doctor strange

The Marvel Cinematic Universe may be gaining an oscar winner, as the Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that is in discussions to join . Benedict Cumberbatch was recently cast as the sorcerer supreme Stephen Strange, with sources now confirming that Swinton is eyed to star as a Tibetan mystic known as the Ancient One who serves as Strange’s mentor. Sources reveal that Marvel initially sought a male actor for the role, as the character is male in the comics, but re-thought the character and optioned for a new spin.

Kevin Feige is producing the supernatural-meets-superhero venture, with Sinister director Scott Derrickson taking the reins.  The film has a current release date of Nov. 4, 2016 and is anticipated to begin shooting this upcoming November in the UK.

Serving as the MCU’s first real foray into magic, Doctor Strange follows a cocky surgeon who, after losing the use of his hands, travels the world seeking a cure and redemption. He soon becomes a pupil of the Ancient One and begins his training to become the next sorcerer supreme, the ultimate magic-weilding being.

Swinton is known for her limitation-defeying roles and won an Oscar in 2008 for Michael Clayton. Most recently, she starred in the fantastic Chris Evans-starring genre pic Snowpiercer, opposite Marvel Alum Tom Hiddleston in the vampire drama Only Lovers Left Alive, and in frequent collaborator Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Up next, she’s set to appear opposite Amy Schumer in the Judd Apatow-directed comedy Trainwreck and in the Cohen Brothers’ next outing, Hail, Caesar!

She’s repped by  and in the UK.


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