Today In ‘Whoooooa’: James Spader Is “Ultron”



James “peering-over-sunglasses-with-pervy-eyes” Spader has joined the cast of THE . If you told me I would be writing the previous sentence as a fact I’d laugh in your face. Not to sound like I’m not excited–I am– I just can’t believe the bold choices Marvel is making. This is how you make movies, DC.

Anyhow, Spader will be playing Ultron, the ‘big bad’ of this movie. In the comics he’s a robot created by Ant-Man, but it seems like Stark will be the catalyst for this version of Ultron. Many have suspected that it would just be Jarvis going rogue, but this seems like they’re taking a slightly different path. Which, of course, is exciting when you’re in good hands.

In bad hands you’d probably have Spader’s character from “Stargate” getting hit by lightning just before entering the wormhole and winding up in the alternate earth of The Avengers and being fused with Jarvis because he’s made of elecricity now and being all wrathful and confused and combining himself with the frustrations that Jarvis has towards Iron Man and by extension the Avengers. PHEW! Thank god this movie isn’t in my hands. (Call me Marvel!)

Joss Whedon (“Serenity”, “Avengers”) will direct from his own script. Kevin Feige, Marvel’s shining beacon of foresight, will produce.

Spader last stole every scene he was in with Spielberg’s “Lincoln” and will soon be seen in Tommy Lee Jones’ “The Homesman.”

He is repped by ICM.

Source: Deadline



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