Tom Hiddleston Captures The Moment In “Capa”



has joined the cast of biopic opposite Gemma Arterton. In classic (CLASSIC!) hollywood fashion there are two (that we know of) “Capa” projects in the works, this one and a Michael Mann version called “I’m About To Bust A Capa” (I kid, I kid, it’s really called “Waiting for Robert Capa”).

However with the addition of Hiddleston, playing the titular Capa, I’m now rooting for this version. The story follows the life of war photographer Robert Capa and his relationship during the Civil War with fellow photographer Gerda Taro (Arterton). The script was written by Menno Meyjes and will be directed by Paul Andrew Williams and produced by Hunt Lowry and Andras Hamori.

Hiddleston is probably best known for “The Avengers” but he’s also turned out pretty spectacular roles in “War Horse” (shutup, it’s underrated!), “Midnight in Paris” and “The Deep Blue Sea” (no, not the awesome one, but the romantic one). He will next be seen in the (please god get a better title) “The Muppets… Again!”

He is repped by .



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