Top 10 Actors Who Could Play Waldo In The “Where’s Waldo” Movie – Vote For Your Pick In Our Poll!


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With the news that Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg have come on board to produce MGM’s WHERE’S WALDO adaptation, we couldn’t help but wonder just who, exactly, ought to play the iconic red-and-white-striped sweater wearing traveler of space and time. Recent drafts of the script for the upcoming adventure-comedy describe the story as such: the janitor/time traveler accidentally activates a time machine and must find a way to get back to the love of his life, Wilma.

We’ve put together a list of actors that we think would make for a great Waldo, because unlike the famously-hard-to-locate character, finding the right person to fill the role shouldn’t be so difficult. Let us know who you think would be the best fit to play Waldo in our user poll below.

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Paul Rudd

Why Waldo? Rudd remains one of America’s most downright likable dudes, a physics-defying blend of handsome, funny, nerdy, cool, and relatable. He’s also pals with Rogen and Goldberg, which keeps things all in the family. Plus, he can pull off those Waldo glasses.

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Bill Hader

Why Waldo? Hader, like Rudd, has a relationship with the Point Grey producers, as he’ll be starring alongside Rogen and Zack Galifianakis in The Something. But more than that, he’s deserving of a franchise of his own and given his physicality and comedic chops, Waldo would be perfect.


Stephen Colbert

Why Waldo? Okay, we realize that Colbert probably doesn’t have a lot of time to shoot major studio films in between hosting CBS’s Late Show. But the resemblance to Waldo was simply too uncanny to ignore.

danny pudi

Danny Pudi

Why Waldo? Pudi pulled off the geeky, socially awkward cinephile for years in the NBC (/Yahoo?) series Community. While that geekiness could certainly translate into the Waldo character, we would love to see him in a role that showcases his versatile comedic abilities.

stephen merchant

Stephen Merchant

Why Waldo? Or should we say, Why Wally?, as Waldo, of course, is the Americanized version of Martin Handford’s classic British children’s book series, Where’s Wally? Merchant has the gangly frame, looks as though he’s fond of a stocking cap, and – of course – he’s British.

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Michael Cera

Why Waldo? Cera, who starred in Rogen and Goldberg’s breakout hit Superbad and had the most, shall we say, shocking role in This is the End, has been laying low for a while, but Waldo could be his next breakout role. Plus, we have a feeling he has one of those sweaters already hanging in his closet.


Fred Armisen

Where’s Waldo? Armisen could help draw the hipster crowd to the box office, and add his distinct brand of skewed, subversive comedy to the part. Either way, Carrie Brownstein would make a perfect Wilma.


Anyone from the cast of Silicon Valley

Why Waldo? When we started to think of actors to fill this role, Thomas Middleditch, Kumail Nanjiani, Martin Starr, Zach Woods and T.J. Miller each came up independently. So it only makes sense to throw this out to the entire cast of the wonderful HBO comedy series.


Simon Pegg

Why Waldo? Pegg, like Merchant, tics off the British-box, but he has a decisively different style than Merchant or any of the other comedians on the list. Plus, his experience in the Star Trek franchise gives the action-adventure edge that any actor suiting up for this time traveling tale is going to need.


Will Forte

Why Waldo? The Last Man on Earth could totally jump into the role of most difficult man on Earth to find. He certainly fits the profile, and given the fact that he’s been spending so much of his time lately with about seven people, he might enjoy being surrounded by thousands for a change.

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