Top 5 Returning Shows We Can’t Wait To See, And The 5 We’re Going To Hate-Watch Regardless


This fall marks the return of some amazing television, spanning across network, cable, streaming services and beyond. We’ve put together a list of the five best returning show’s that we’re happily looking forward to watching again–and the five worst returning shows that we’re going to hate watch no matter what.


5.   (Oct. 6, CW)


While the Marvel movies have continued to blend together, the DC live action television series have quietly built a world where the superheroes are fun, the women kick ass just as hard as the men, and the crossover episodes are the best of the season. While each of the shows in the DC universe have their merit, The Flash is arguably the best of the bunch. Greg Berlanti, you have not failed this city.

4. (Oct. 4, CBS)


Like a fine wine, The Good Wife seems to just keep getting better with age. And while we certainly won’t be the first ones to point it out, this series consistently churns out 22 strong episodes each season. The Good Wife has become both an old stand-by procedural that you can tune into once in a while and the serialized relationship drama that you can follow for the long-haul.

3.   (Oct. 1, FOX)

SLEEPY HOLLOW CROPAfter a bumpy start, Sleepy Hollow has managed to become one of the most fun and genre savvy shows on .  Tom Mison and Nichole Beharie have built up a great chemistry over the course the past two seasons. Sure, the show may be campy, but at least this campy Halloween-season series has storylines that actually pay-off, unlike another ‘Horror’ centric drama which, frankly, doesn’t deserve to be mentioned here (…see below).

2.   (Sept. 27, FOX)

LAST MAN CROPDLast year’s most original comedy on network television comes back this fall, with new showrunner Dan Sterling giving Will Forte–creator, writer, producer, lead–a minute to breathe. The first season ended on a great cliffhanger, promising that the show may be expanding beyond its cul-de-sac in Tuscon. We can’t wait to see the web of lies and deceit that Phil Miller spins this season.

1.   (Oct. 12, FOX)

fargo 2 CROPPED

When we first heard that FX was adapting the Coen brothers iconic film into a series, we hung our heads and wondered, “is nothing sacred?” Well, Noah Hawley proved us dead-wrong by producing one of the finest seasons of television in all of 2014… dare we say ever? Hawley officially earned our respect and our confidence, and despite the Season 2 storyline jumping to the 1970s, we’re not worried–but rather hopeful. Well, as hopeful as one can be when it comes to the chilly, grey world of Fargo.


5.   (Sept 21, FOX)


The darkest–and arguably the lamest–of the otherwise exceptional DC universe is Fox’s precursor to the legend of the Dark Knight. It’s not a particularly well-written show, with middling performances and a lack of intriguing subplots. But we can’t resist the prospect of seeing The Penguin transform from an angsty, slender teenager into, well, The Penguin.


4.   (Oct. 11, AMC)

walk dead CROPPED

Oh, Walking Dead. You post-apocalyptic, record-smashing ratings machine, you. While many believe that the AMC’s defacto flagship regained its footing last season, the reality is that we’re Walkered out. Between the never-ending monotony of Rick and the gang’s pursuit of sanctuary, and the new, slow-burning spin-off Fear the Walking Dead, this genre is finally starting to wear out its welcome. And yet… there’s just something so strangely cathartic about spending a Sunday night watching a zombie take a hatchet to the skull.

3.   (Oct. 4, HBO)


HBO’s bleak and dower drama pulled in an audience with the name Damon Lindelof–and proceeded to anger and frustrate in much the same way another Lindelof project did not so long ago. But the central mystery of the series remains unanswered, a mystery so great that it’s created a gravitational pull no casual viewer can escape… Unless, you know, you don’t have HBO. In which case, luck you.

2.   (Oct. 7, FX)


FX’s horror anthology continues to be one of the most visually seductive on television, drawing in viewers with stunt casting and the promise of a new story in an intriguing setting. But time after time, episode after episode, AHS manages to disappoint in its frustrating lack of story resolution and its bizarre treatment of its characters. And yet we know we’ll be checking into Hotel this season. I mean, c’mon. Lady Gaga, am I right?



Keeping Up With The Kardashians continues to bring home the gold for being the hate-watching champion of the television world. Not only do we hate to watch KUWTK, but we hate ourselves for watching it. In a way, Keeping Up With The Kardashians not only exposes the most superficial and narcissistic elements of our culture, but of our own torrid, twisted souls as well. Every time we drop in on the Calabasas clan, we’re forced to look deep into the proverbial mirror and ask ourselves, “can I get an Amen up in this bitch?”


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