Tracking Board’s Launch Pad Feature Competition Unveils Top 25


2017LPFC Announcement 1200x600 (25 Top)

Alongside our exclusive partners Prime Universe Films and Echo Lake Entertainment, The Tracking Board is incredibly pleased to announce the TOP 25 for the 2017 Launch Pad Feature Competition!

Whether it’s biopics that explore the heroes we thought we knew, madcap comedies and sea-soaked adventures that carry us along for the ride, or chilling horrors that will make us sleep with the light on, this Top 25 spans an abundance of genres. They also explore storytelling from all new avenues, including characters that run the gamut from time-traveling teenagers to precocious child detectives, to families who must fight for survival and even Jane Austen herself. These provide a range of worlds to get lost in, and showcase the kind of writing that makes these competitions a success.

So without further ado, we are so proud to introduce you to the 2017 Launch Pad Feature Competition Top 25!


As a reminder: If you selected one of our add-on prizes at time of entry, but did not advance to the Top 25, you are still in contention to win those prizes.


Tracking Board Staff

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