Tracking Board’s Launch Pad Feature Competition Unveils Top 50


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The Tracking Board, in exclusive partnership with Prime Universe and Echo Lake Entertainment, are incredibly pleased to announce the TOP 50 for the 2017 Launch Pad Feature Competition!

With over 250 success , including seeing signed, staffed, and their set up, we are thrilled to see this next round of finalists going forward into the Top 50. This competition grows every year, allowing us to bring not only new, exciting voices into the fold, but to pursue even more exclusive partnerships to help shape those ’ futures.

This competition’s Top 50 features have a bit of everything, and then some to spare. From insidious houses that are alive (and hungry) to that explore the heroes we thought we knew, bawdy collegiate comedies to adventures centering around mysterious eggs found in the jungle, and even characters ranging from cannibal killers, to rogues on the moon, to people who are forced to do the unthinkable to survive, there is something here for everyone. Spanning all genres, wildly different settings, vast swaths of time, and everything in-between, these scripts truly showcase the diversity of storytelling that makes this competition a success year after year.

Without further ado, let us introduce you to the 2017 Launch Pad Feature Competition Top 50!


As a reminder: If you selected one of our add-on prizes at time of entry, but did not advance to the Top 50, you are still in contention to win those prizes.

Tracking Board Staff

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