Trio Of Actors Are “Our Kind Of Traitor(s)”



, , and have signed on to join Ewan McGregor in . Based on John Le Carre’s 2010 novel, the involves a British couple that is thrust into the world of espionage after befriending a Russian with an intent to defect. McGregor and Harris are set to play the couple with Skarsgard as the defector and Lewis will play a member of the British Intelligence Service. Hossein Amini penned the screenplay and Susanna White is attached to direct.

To me, there are very few who would be a better choice to play a defecting Russian spy than Skarsgard (except for Sean Connery, of course) and I can already see him in the role, even though one of my absolute favorite modern (Mads Mikkelsen) was originally in talks for the role, I cannot say I am disappointed. Harris and McGregor should make a great couple and will fill out their roles nicely as they are both incredibly talented. Lewis is the wild card for me, but that could mostly be because I cannot picture him speaking with a English accent, even though I know that is what he actually sounds like in real life. Only time will tell if he will be able to out grow Brody.

Skarsgard is repped by ICM.
Harris is repped by and .
Lewis is repped by .



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