True NPR Story “If We Left” Lands Screenwriter Andrew Burrows-Trotman



has signed on to write the screenplay for . The project tells the true story of a cook and a janitor that stayed without pay to care for the abandoned elderly residents after their assisted living home was shut down, leading to the Residential Care For the Elderly Reform Act of 2014. The heroic story was featured on NPR and the project was reported in early May. Burrows-Trotman will adapt the material into a narrative drama for Diligent Artists. 

The California-based Valley Springs Manor was shut down by the owners, before any relocation for the elderly patients. The primary staff left after they were no-longer paid, spurring Maurice Rowland and Miguel Alvarez to step in for several round-the-clock days until emergency responders were able to properly re-locate the patients. In light of their heroics, the duo received commendations from the California Legislature and the American Veterans Association.

Burrows-Trotman’s short screenplay The Great Commission was produced for Showtime. He has become close to Rowland and Alvarez, and have shared ideas about the vision for the film adaptation, making him the ideal candidate for the project.

Burrows-Trotman is repped by .

If We Left marks the first script-to-screen production for Maker’s shingle, and is currently seeking crowd-sourced fundraising. See more information on the buzz surrounding the project here.


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