TV Casting Round-Up (02.13.18) Bella Heathcote, Jamie McShane, Josh Dallas Land Roles & More…


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The Man in the High Castle star has been cast as the female lead opposite Jack Reynor in CBS All Access’ drama series . Heathcote will play Susan Parsons, Reynor’s devoted and fiercely intelligent wife. Susan backs Jack up in his endeavors, both financially and emotionally, partially out of faith, primarily out of love.

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Bloodline‘s and The Shannara Chronicles have been cast to play two of the three new series regular roles that are being added to Fox’s . McShane will play Patient Zero, Dr. Tim Fanning. Chikezie will play Dr. Major Nichole Sykes, leader of Project Noah.

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Valor co-star and Once Upon a Time alum have been cast as the leads of , NBC’s missing mystery pilot. Roxburgh will play Michaela Stone. Wracked with guilt over a tragic accident, Michaela anguishes about whether she’s fit to be a police officer and a fiancée. Dallis will play Ben Stone. The quintessential father and intelligence analyst, Ben struggles against what he can’t control.

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