TV Casting Round-Up (03.02.18) Cedric the Entertainer, Perdita Weeks, Paula Newsome Land Roles & More…


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is set to co-star in WELCOME TO THE NEIGHBOURHOOD, CBS’ multi-camera comedy pilot. Cedric will play Calvin. A strong and proud man, Calvin lives next door to new neighbors, the Johnson family, who he regards with disdain and as a pack of interlopers. A natural contrarian, acerbic, even downright misanthropic, Calvin thinks these people will upset the delicate balance that has existed in his neighborhood “forever.”

British actress is set as the female lead in CBS’ pilot. Weeks is set to play Higgins, who is the “majordomo” (i.e., property manager) for the large Hawaiian estate of writer Robin Masters, for whom Magnum ostensibly works security and lives in his guest house. She is commanding, confident, tough, uses sarcasm to deflect emotion and is hard to get to know — but it’s worth it in the end.NBC - Logo Banner

(NCIS) is set as a series regular role in NBC’s drama pilot . Newsome will play Peters. With a calm demeanor, Peters still makes Danny uneasy despite her efforts to be honest and straightforward.

CW - Logo Banner, , and have joined the CW pilot . The project follows a flawed and irreverent blind woman named Murphy (Mattfeld) who is the only “witness” to the murder of her drug-dealing friend. Markham will play Jess, Murphy’s roommate, and best friend. John will play Darnell, a local drug dealer whose young cousin, Tyson, was dealing for him.

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(Before I Fall), (The Leftovers), (Dark Matter), and (Sanctuary) are set as leads in , a half-hour drama, that has been given a 10-episode series order by Facebook Watch. Kampouris will play Minnow Bly. Physically and emotionally scarred and handless, Minnow is now in juvie for brutally beating a young man. Carroll will portray Dr. Wilson, Minnow’s mental health coordinator. He’s a forensic psychologist working for the FBI, who’s not your typical on paper psychologist. Madeira is Angel, Minnow’s roommate in juvie. A science buff (her hero is Carl Sagan) and a convicted murderer, Angel is intrigued by her handless new roommate and her background. Robbins will play Samuel Bly, Minnow’s father. Once a weak and susceptible man, he joined the cult hoping for a better life for him and his family. Fully believing that the Prophet speaks to God, Samuel instantly becomes the Prophet’s second-in-command.

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