TV Casting Round-Up (03.09.18) Kelly Rutherford, Lex Scott Davis, Lesli Margherita Land Roles & More…


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Training Day alumna has been cast as the central character and female lead in ABC’s drama pilot . The series centers on journalist Hope Castille (Davis). Five years ago, her fiancé, Charlie Lapree (Jon Ecker), was killed. This morning, she received a phone call from him. An epic love triangle set against a grounded, secret world of magic in present-day New Orleans. Davis’ Castille is headstrong, intelligent and emotionally giving. A hardworking journalist for the Times-Picayune, this is a woman who has experienced great tragedy but has been strengthened by these storms and does not live life with a heavy heart. Hope has found love after losing her fiancé five years ago and is ready to re-start her life with Gabriel Dumaine (Peck). But soon she will discover that something strange stirs in New Orleans when she receives a clue that will lead her to discover that magic exists in the shadows of the city.

Devious Maids alum & (Manhattan Love Story) have booked series regular roles opposite in ABC’s drama pilot . Parks will play Mateo Silva, who works under the guise of a local tour guide, but in truth is part of the secret Magic World of New Orleans. Wepper will portray Nessa, a museum curator, Charlie’s (Ecker) sister, and Hope’s (Davis) best friend.

Homeland‘s is set as the co-lead in ABC’s comedy pilot .  The series centers on Liz Cooney (Margherita) and Markie McQueen (Yvette Nicole Brown). In high school, Liz had everything and Markie had nothing. Twenty years later, they’re reunited under the same roof as single moms and unlikely housemates. Margherita’s Liz Cooney is a fabulous trainwreck who lives by her own rules. Forced to exit for her hometown when her marriage fell apart, Liz’s secret insecurities began to show around Markie.

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 (The Last Ship), Whitney alum Dan O’Brien, (Rebel in the Rye) and  (Orange Is the New Black) have signed on for series-regular roles in CBS’ multi-camera comedy pilot . Abdullah will play Asha, Rishi’s (TBD) younger sister. A bit of a rebel, Asha is the less traditional of his two sisters. Unlike Gita (Munshi), she has no desire to tell Rishi how to live his life; she wants him to live the life he wants. O’Brien will portray Jim, Gita’s husband, a perpetually tired, low-key guy who is the father of their triplets. Also a physician, Jim needs to make a lot of money because he’s been running the numbers for tuition times three, and they’re pretty scary. White will play Om, the father of Rishi, Gita and Asha. Also a physician, he’s a happy, very traditional father who wants Rishi to behave in a traditional manner: marry a nice Indian girl (with a medical degree), carry on the dynasty, and join the family practice. A man who is trying and failing to master the art of golf, Om is knocked flat when he learns that Rishi intends to reject the Panda family values. Reddy is Pushpa, the mother of Rishi, Gita and Asha, and a world-class expert in ACL surgery. In spite of her cutting-edge approach to medicine, her approach to family life is traditional: She expects Rishi to marry an Indian girl (a doctor, to be certain), continue the Panda family line with honor and join the Panda family orthopedic clinic. Convinced that this is the best and only plan for Rishi, Pushpa is flabbergasted when he digs in his heels and insists on joining the Bronx Free Clinic.

Law & Order alum is reuniting with Dick Wolf, signing on for a starring role in , Wolf’s upcoming 13 episode drama pilot. Sisto will play FBI Assistant Special Agent in Charge. He is in the sweet spot of his FBI : experienced enough to honcho a sophisticated response, energetic enough to keep his team motivated. His ability to relate and engage easily to subordinates and superiors makes him “good glue” and sets him up as the nerve center of the office. Everybody thinks they know the “real” man, but as open as he is, if you look closely, he takes in much more than he puts out.

The Musketeers and Boss have signed on as series regulars in CBS’ drama pilot . Charles will play Ethan, Tia’s (Emayatzy Corinealdi) warm, kind husband who works as a train operator on Chicago’s Red Line. While he supports his wife’s political , he cautions about reconnecting with her biological daughter. Laidlaw will portray Vic, a hard-working mother of two children and devoted police partner of Pete Evans (Noel Fisher), who shot an African-American doctor. Her unconditional loyalty to her partner led her to take a questionable action.

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Newcomer and are set as leads in NBC’s comedy pilot . The series centers on Brian (Rogers) and Jake who are polar opposites and must quickly figure out how to coexist when their respective best friends, Margaret and Randy (Gemberling), decide to get married. Rogers’ Brian fears that his best friend Margaret’s potential marriage to Randy (Gemberling) will leave him left out. He forms an unlikely partnership with Randy’s best friend, Jake, to disrupt their union. Gemberling’s Randy is lovable and optimistic and Jake’s best friend since kindergarten. He is ready to live the rest of his life with Margaret, even if Jake does not support his choice.

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Parenthood’s has replaces the previously cast Joey King in the drama pilot . After surviving an explosion that killed her hotshot detective big brother, Zach Gates (Freddie Stroma), Emmy Gates (Smith), an underachieving beat cop, starts seeing his ghost, flipping their sibling dynamic on its head and allowing her to truly live her life for the first time, as they work together to help crime victims both living and dead, and figure out the unfinished business keeping his spirit on Earth.

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Gossip Girl alum has been cast in Freeform’s Pretty Little Liars’ spinoff pilot . Rutherford will play Claire Hotchkiss. The matriarch of the Hotchkiss family, Claire (along with her husband) is the founder of Hotchkiss Industries and the respected Beacon Heights University. Claire believes perfection is attainable and is the person who pulls the strings behind the scenes to get what she wants.

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Girls grad will take on the co-starring role in Hulu’s limited series . Abbott will play Yossarian, a man who is in a constant struggle with the realities of serving in the war and does what he needs to get by and stay alive. The role was played by Alan Arkin in the 1970 Paramount feature.

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