TV CASTING ROUND-UP: Cloris Leachman Joins Ian McShane & Ricky Whittle In “American Gods”


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Starz continues fill out their cast for the adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s as they add , , , and . The fantasy novel posits a war brewing between old and new gods: the traditional gods of mythological roots from around the world steadily losing believers to an upstart pantheon of gods reflecting society’s modern love of money, technology, media, celebrity, and drugs. It stars Ricky Whittle as Shadow Moon, an ex-con who becomes bodyguard and traveling partner to Mr. Wednesday (Ian McShane), a conman who in reality is one of the older gods, on a cross-country mission to gather his forces in preparation to battle the new deities.

Leachman has been cast as Zorya Vechernyaya, the eldest of three sisters who watch over the constellations, guarding against horror forgotten by modern man. Stormare will play Czernobog, a Slavic god of darkness and evil, who is reluctant to join the coming war, wary of Wednesday’s motivations. Obi will play Anubis, the commanding ancient Egyptian god of the dead, gently guiding mortals through the judgment of their souls. Kraish is set as The Jinn, a mythical creature of the fire who understands a person’s deepest desires better than they do.

Leachman is repped by and . Stormare is repped by and . Obi is repped by Gersh, , and . Kraish is repped by and .

The BBC and Sally Wainwright have found their cast for , a drama about the Bronte family. is set to play family patriarch Rev. Patrick Bronte, while will tackle Wuthering Heights author Emily Bronte. will portray Charlotte Bronte, write of Jane Eyre, and is set as youngest sister Anne Bronte who penned Agnes Grey and The Tenant Of Wildfell Hall. has won the role of the ladies’ brother Branwell, whose destructive behavior threatens to tear the family apart.

Pryce is repped by and Julian Belfrage & Associates in the UK. Pirrie is repped by , , and in the UK. Murphy is repped by Gersh and in Ireland. Nagaitis is repped by .

FX comedy series has cast opposite Pamela Adlon. The series centers on Sam (Adlon), a working actor with no filter trying to earn a living, navigate her daughters’ lives, have fun with a friend or two and also – just maybe – squeeze in some private time once in awhile. Imrie is set as Phyllis, Sam’s spotlight-stealing English mother.

Imrie is repped by Don Buchwald Associates, , and in the UK.

has tapped for a recurring role in the final season. The series follows Daniel Holden, who is released after serving nearly 20 years in complete isolation on death row, as he returns as an outsider to his family, to his community, and to the times. Tilney has been cast as New Canaan Project Maggie Hines.

Tilney is repped by .

has booked , AMC’s upcoming drama series based on the book by Philipp Meyer. It is a multi-generational epic tale of the story of America’s birth as a superpower through the bloody rise and fall of one Texas family.  Weixler is set as Sally, Pete’s (Henry Garrett) tough, no-nonsense wife.

Weixler is repped by Gersh and .

has landed a recurring role in the fourth season of . He will play charismatic businessman Alexander Kirk, a charismatic businessman whose strong personal ethics and intelligence have made him a major player on the world stage.

Thomsen is reppd by , , and Talent Agency in the UK.

has booked a co-starring role in , Netflix’s remake of Norman Lear’s classic sitcom. The series centers on Penelope, a recently separated former military mom who is navigating a new single life while raising her radical teenage daughter and socially adept tween son, with “help” of her old-school Cuban-born mom and a friends-without-benefits building named Schneider. Grinnell plays, Schneider, the only character from the original show to be transplanted in the reboot.

Grinnell is repped by Gersh and Gartner/Green.

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