TV Casting Round-Up: Ronda Rousey to Guest Star on “Blindspot”


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THE GOSPEL OF KEVIN has landed in the lead role. The light hour long follows Ritter as Kevin, a down-on-his-luck man who is tasked by God with a mission to save the world. He is a cluelessly self-serving jerk, on a dangerous path to despair. After a failed suicide attempt, he’s going home to stay with his widowed twin sister and niece for a time, only to be met with a crisis in the person Yvette, a warrior for God whose it is to guide Kevin back to the road of righteousness and make him understand his mission in this life.

Ritter is repped by ICM and .

has boarded the single-camera comedy RAISED BY WOLVES from Oscar-winner Diablo Cody. The series is an adaptation of the 2015 UK series which centers on Sheila Gable, one tough mother struggling to support her five opinionated, eccentric kids on a shoestring budget in a Midwestern town.

King is repped by and Thruline.

SOMEWHERE BETWEEN has added . He joins Paula Patton who stars as Laura Price – she’s not crazy, but she knows that her daughter Serena is going to be murdered. She doesn’t know who the murderer is, or why she’s killed, but she knows exactly when it will happen, where and how. Despite this, all of her attempts to keep her daughter safe fail and Serena’s fixed, unmovable, terrifying fate keeps her directly in the path of her killer. Sawa has been cast as Nico Jackson, a former cop turned private investigator.

Sawa is repped by Gersh and Principato Young Entertainment.

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The untitled project from Jenny Lumet has tapped for a series regular role. The character-based procedural centers on an elite team of investigators for the Northeast Regional US Hate Crimes Unite who solve a myriad of crimes against humanity as they confront their own biases. Henke will play Tucker, a military man with paternal instincts.

Henke is repped by and .

is joining DISTEFANO in a series regular role. The half-hour comedy centers on Izzy and Chris, two 20-somethings raising their newborn daughter and merging their meddling families – one Colombian-American, one Italian. Palminteri has been cast as Tony, Chris’ charismatic, devoted, and flirtatious father.

Palminteri is repped by and .

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The CW has booked to star opposite Lucy Hale in LIFE SENTENCE. The series stars Hale as Stella, a young woman diagnosed with terminal cancer. When she finds out that she’s not dying after all, she has to learn to live with the choices she made when she decided to “live like she was dying.” Walsh is set as Stella’s father.

Walsh is repped by Gersh and .

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CSI alum is starring in Fox’s BEHIND ENEMY LINES reboot pilot. The show is loosely based on the 2001 movie of the same name and is described as a military soap thriller wherein a group of US soldiers find themselves trapped behind enemy lines. Helgenberger has been cast as Navy Admiral Bobbie Decker, the most powerful woman in the military.

Helgenberger is repped by ICM and Sanders Armstrong Caserta.

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MMA fighter has boarded BLINDSPOT in a guest starring role. The show stars Jaimie Alexander as Jane Doe, a woman who finds herself in the midst of Times Square covered in tattoos, with no memory of who she is and her tattoos the only clues to solving the puzzle. She will play a prison inmate who grew up in a working-class family from the White Mountains of New Hampshire and is serving time for the transporting weapons across state lines.

Rousey is repped by .

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THE WOMAN IN WHITE adaptation from Wilkie Collins has cast and . They join previously cast Dougray Scott and Charles Dance. The story centers on Walter Hartright, who encounters a ghostly woman dressed in all white on a moonlit road and is soon drawn into a mysterious and disturbing world. Buckley has been cast as Marian Halcombe, the resourceful and loyal heroine, while Hardy plays Hartright.

Hardy is repped by , , and in the UK.
Buckley is repped by and in the UK.

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HBO’s family drama from Alan Ball has tapped to star. The ten episode series centers on a contemporary multiracial family: a philosophy professor, his lawyer wife, their three adopted children, and their single biological child. The seemingly perfect, progressive family is in actuality harboring deep rifts. Robbins plays Greg, the philosophy professor, and father who is questioning his life, purpose and the world in which he leaves.

Robbins is repped by ICM and .

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has booked a role in RAY DONOVAN‘s season five. The show stars Liev Schreiber as a “fixer” for the rich and famous in LA, who can make anyone’s problems disappear except those created those created by his own family. Rogers is one of a handful of additions for the fifth season and will appear in a season-long arc.

Rogers is repped by .

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