TV, Pilot And Series Casting (10.12.12)



has been cast in the lead role for the pilot. She will play April, a young journalist who attempts to impress her thick-skinned editor. Her ambitions take a backseat however when she finds out she has terminal cancer. Ricci has had past roles in “Unnatural History” and “Secret Girlfriend”. She is repped by ICM.

will be featured in a recurring role on the hot fall drama . Huisman will play a potential new for Connie Britton’s character Rayna. He is coming off a starring role in “Treme” and is repped by ICM and Conway Van Gelder.

has cast in the leading role. She will play Winifred “Fred” Harris, a recently graduated slacker who begins a teaching at an elementary school. Gianopulos starred in this year’s “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” and will next be seen in “Get a Job” and “The Wine of Summer”. She is repped by ICM.


will be featured in a recurring role in the “Psycho” prequel series . Tracy will play Norman’s teacher and advisor. Tracy currently stars in “Once Upon A Time” and is repped by Red .


has been cast in the network’s untitled legal thriller, which follows a district attorney who finds evidence that reopens a murder investigation. Peters will play the main character’s father, a retired cop and police commissioner. Peters recently starred in “Memphis Beat” and “Treme”. He is repped by Conway Van Gelder and .


has cast in a leading role. Also brought onto the series is and . The project centers on the El Paso-Mexico border and a pair of detectives on both sides who work together to track down a serial killer whose targets are both American and Mexican. Bichir will play the Mexican detective. Gish will play Charlotte, a wealthy woman whose husband dies from a heart attack, spurring many of his dark secrets to come out. Levine will play a lieutenant in the El Paso police force. Bichir is repped by . Thomas Wright has also been cast in the show as Steven Linder, a man who runs a women’s shelter but lives a mysterious double life. He is repped by .


has been cast as Jesse in , a drama that explores the secrets three suburban wives keep. Jesse is a savvy lawyer married to a minister. Bittner, who has starred in “The Black Donnelly’s” and “Law & Order: Criminal Intent”, was most recently seen in “Paranormal Activity 3”. She is repped by . and will fill two husband roles in the series. Blue will play ’s husband, a minister, and Smith will play Amber Clayton’s accountant husband. Blue is repped by .


will appear in a guest role in the seventh episode of the upcoming season of . After a breakout role in this year’s comedy “21 Jump Street”, Larson has several wrapped on the horizon including “The Spectacular Now”, “The Arm” and “Don Jon’s Addiction”. She is repped by .

will star in , which focuses on three suburban couples composing themselves after a murder along with Laura Allen. Martin will Greg Cooke, one half of one of the couples and a fratty former hedge fund manager who has made poor investments. The “Law & Order” alum currently stars on “Smash” and in the “Hallelujah” pilot. He is repped by ICM. Allen will play Alison Dunn, a seemingly normal mother and wife with a dark secret. Allen most recently starred in the series “Terriers” and “Awake”. She is repped by .

will star in a guest role in Ryan Murphy’s . Bomer will play Bryan’s ex-boyfriend in the episode. Bomer currently stars in USA’s “White Collar” and is coming off the summer’s surprise hit “Magic Mike”. He is repped by .


will join in a guest role for three episodes. The “Up All Night” and “Three Stooges” star will next star in teh films “The Black Marks” and “The Empire State”. He is repped by .


has joined the cast of the Edie Falco led in a season-long arc. has also joined in a recurring role. Chestnut will play a former Army medic-turned trauma surgeon named Ike Prentiss. Harriell will play Marta Rodriguez, a mother of three and a new nurse on the floor. Chestnut is coming off Ryan Murphy’s “American Story” and is currently filming “Kick-Ass 2: Balls to the Wall”. He is repped by . Harriell most recently starred in “NCIS” and “Royal Pains”.


, , , , and Eric Dane will all star in the upcoming action drama . The project takes place on a naval destroyer when a global catastrophe wipes out most of humanity, leaving the ship’s crew to cope with being the few survivors in the world. McManus will play Lt. Jackie Makena in charge of missile deployment. Parnell will play Hugh Jeter, a high ranking commander. Van Winkle will play Danny Green, the leader of a SEAL team on board the ship. Elmore will play Lt. Alisha Granderson, a driver of the ship and Spruell will play Quincy, a paleomicrobiologist. Dane will play Captain Tom Chandler, the leader of the ship and a courageous, fair man who is respected by his sailors. Also added to the cast is , who will play Mike Slattery, the second-in-command on the boat.

will play the male lead in . The project follows Sean King and Michelle Maxwell, a pair of secret service agents-turned private detectives with wits and chemistry. Tenney recently starred in the fils “Rabbit Hole” and “Green Lantern” and will next be seen in “As Cool As I Am”. he is repped by UTA.


, , and have been cast in the lead roles in Dennis Leary’s upcoming comedy , which centers on three cocky EMT’s who can’t sustain relationships but are the best at their jobs. Mosley, Daniels and Bigley play the EMTs while McNamee will play a police officer in the female lead.


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