TV, Pilot & Series Casting (02.01.13)



will star in the upcoming comedy pilot (remake), . He will play Tim, a well-intentioned father of a highly intelligent and verbal son, who also happens to be his complete opposite who inadvertently takes a at the secret service in order to prove himself a worthy father. Corddry is known for his show “Childrens Hospital” and is repped by .

has joined the cast of . He will play the hot-tempered father Murray, a rageaholic, who struggles to stay calm after his last heart attack upon a stern warning by his doctor. A role that is not at unfamiliar from Garlin’s “role” on Larry David’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm”. He is repped by ICM.

Amazon Studios

will star in the Amazon pilot , which follows four senators living in a rented house in D.C. Goodman’s character will be John Biggs, a former college basketball coach whose fire is ignited when the rival Duke basketball coach decides to run for a senate seat. Goodman starred in the acclaimed ensemble films “Argo” and “Flight” and will next star in “The Internship” and “The Hangover Part III”. He is repped by Gersh.


will star in the third season of . He will play Ed Skinner, the former partner of Sarah Linden. Koteas was last seen in “Combat Hospital”. He is repped by .


will star in the drama pilot RITA. She will play the titular lead who is an acerbic, outspoken private-school teacher who struggles to raise her three teenage children while dealing with the inane bureaucracy and overprotective parents at her school. She is best known for AMC’s “Breaking Bad” and has also had roles in “Deadwood” and “Six Feet Under”. She is repped by .


has joined the multicamera comedy pilot . She will play the mother to the titular mother played by Anna Farris. Janney is of course known most for “The West Wing” and has recently lent her voice to tv shows “Robot Chicken” and “Phineas and Ferb”. She is repped by Gersh.

and have both joined the cast of . Purdy will play Dodee, a brilliant, eccentric engineer at the local radio station who will draw on her unique skills in an effort to make contact with the world outside the dome. Strong will play Phil, a popular radio DJ and indie rock fanatic, a charismatic figure with a dark secret. Purdy has had roles in “Glee”, “Raising Hope” and “Gigantic” and is repped by Don Buchwald and Associates. Strong is known for his work on the country music drama “Nashville”.

will guess star in a 3-episode arc on . She will play Lucy, a potential love interest for Kunal Nayyar’s Raj. Micucci is best known for her roles on “Raising Hope” and “Motor City”. She is repped by .


will star in the untitled multi-cam comedy from Seth MacFarlane, Wellesley Wild and Alec Sulkin. The project centers on two men in their thirties whose dads move in with them. Song will play one of the men’s loyal assistants. Song currently stars in the Fox series “New Girl” as well as “Key & Peele”. She is repped by .

will star in the comedy pilot , which centers on a dysfunctional family that moves into a small midwestern town where everyone lives reserved lives. Riggle will play the family father. Comedy star Riggle starred in “21 Jump Street” and “Nature Calls” last year and is repped by .


will be returning for the third go around of Ryan Murphy’s hit show , joining Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters. The third season will be “a romance set in modern times”. Rabe currently stars as Sister Mary Eunice on the second season of the show and is repped by ICM.


and have joined the cast of . Miller will play Erlich, the owner of the Hacker House while Middleditch will play Thomas who is focused, idealistic, and brilliant when writing code for software, and awkward and none too confident when dealing with life. Miller will next be seen in “The Goodwin Games”. They are both repped by .


has joined the cast of in a recurring role. He will play 2nd Lt. Patrick Clark, An intelligent, capable infantry officer freshly minted from West Point, who is eager to prove himself in combat. Daugherty is best known for his work on “Pretty Little Liars”. He is repped by .


will guess star on . He will play Carlo, an unimposing but angry guest at a dinner party who complicates sportscaster Ryan King’s plans to help one of the group members. Falcone has guess starred on “Up All Night” and “Happy Endings”. He is repped by .

and have joined the cast of . McGrath will play Lucy Westenra, Aristocratic London’s social butterfly who has a penchant for gossip, flirting and all things glamorous. Anozie will play R.M. Renfield, Alan Grayson’s fiercely loyal confidante. McGrath currently stars in “Merlin” and is repped by . Anozie can be seen on HBO’s “Game of Thrones” and is repped by .

has recast two of its roles following a table . Aasif Mandvi and Justin Chon are out, with and Echo Kellum replacing them respectively. The project centers on the fifteen minutes before and after the beginning and end of the day at an elementary school. Germann currently stars on “NCIS” and was in last year’s comedy “Here Comes The Boom”. He is repped by . Kellum starred on the recently cancelled “Ben & Kate”. He is repped by .


has been cast in Tyler Perry’s THE HAVE AND HAVE NOTS. Schneider will play Jim Cryer, the Cryer family patriarch. He’s most recently been seen in “Smallville” and heard in “Hero Factory”. He is repped by .

add six cast members. will play Hattie, the diner’s owner. will play her daughter Linda who lives with her mother and works at the diner. will play Linda’s son Danny who moves back with his mother and grandmother to grieve the dissolution of his marriage. will play Danny’s co-worker and best friend. will play Amber, Sam’s neighbor. will play Floyd.


will have a recurring role on . Covey will play Dr. Lillian DePaul, a new, formidable doctor at the hospital – the only female in an all-boys club who is both competitive with and a mentor to Johnson. She will also star in the upcoming “How The Hell Am I Normal” and is of course well known for her work on “Reno 911” and “Bridesmaids”. She is repped by .


has joined the cast of in a recurring role for the upcoming second season. Wolf will play Donnie, a charismatic, fast-rising U.S. Attorney recently transferred back to Chicago. Wolf has most recently lent his voice to “Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters” and is repped by .


has joined the cast of in a recurring role. Laresca will play Rafael Cortes, a diligent and dedicated Mexican Federale who teams up with Charlie on a case, but who may also have his own agenda. Laresca has had roles on “The Unknown”, “Person of Interest” and “Suits”. He is repped by Talent Works.


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