TV, Pilot & Series Casting (03.01.13)



will lend his boiling comedic charisma to comedy SPY which stars Rob Corddry. He will play the lithe and mischievous Examiner. He’s still technically starring in “Community” though he barely gets screen time and that show may not limp along to another season. He’s had bit roles in “Bob’s Burgers” and webseries to tvseries “Burning Love”. He is repped by .

joins Rob Corddry, and Mason Cook in the US remake of the UK’s SPY. He will play Tim’s (Cook’s) co-worker Chris at the Secret Service. When he’s not joining the roundtable for “Chelsea Lately”, Kasher has been appearing in show such as “The New Normal” and “Shameless”. He is repped by .

has landed the lead in . She will play Grace Van Helsing, a Pulitzer prize winning journalist from New York who takes over her family’s hometown newspaper. Montgomery has starred in “Made in Jersey”, “Dancing on the Edge” and “Entourage”. She is repped by . Joining Montgomery is , who will play Mina. Thoms starred in Rian Johnson’s Sci-Fi-thriller “Looper” and will next appear in “Raze”. She is repped by Gersh.

has joined the cast of , where people’s loved ones return from the dead. She will play Gail, a young physician working in the small town in which she was born and raised when an unusual patient shows up in her clinic. Kelley has had recurring roles in “The Chicago Code” and “Covert Affairs”. She is repped by .

has joined the cast of . He will play the middle child (of the family drama) Barry, described as the lovable slob. Gentile last guest starred on “Hawthorne”. He is repped by .

Ana De La Reguera will play Selena Morales in the upcoming pilot BIG THUNDER. The project takes place in the 1800’s and centers on a New York doctor offered to move his family to a frontier town run by a mysterious tycoon. De La Reguera starred in the films “Cop Out” and “Cowboys & Aliens” and will next star in the horror film “Jessabelle”. She is repped by ICM.

Patrick Fugit will lead in the drama . He will star as David, a man who goes to extreme lengths to free his wife, who has been wrongfully imprisoned during a crises overseas. Fugit found his breakout role in Cameron Crowe’s “Almost Famous” and last starred in “We Bought A Zoo”, which re-teamed the actor and director. He is repped by Gersh.

Luke Ganalon will be joining an untitled multi-cam comedy alongside John Leguizamo, which is based on Leguizamo’s life. Ganalon saw screen time in the “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Don’t Trust The B— In Apt. 23”. He is repped by .

will star alongside Annie Mumolo in . The project centers on a middle aged mother (Mumolo) who feels under-appreciated and begins to speak up. Leishman will play her daughter.

has added and in its lead roles. The project centers on a boss (Sharon Horgan) of a high end luxury department store who becomes distraught when her boss’ son (Spade) begins running the show and emphasizing sex appeal in their sales. harris will play a spray tan-obsessed employee. Spade currently stars on “Rules of Engagement” and will next appear in “Grown Ups 2”. He is repped by . Harris starred as Ed Helms over-bearing girlfriend in “The Hangover” and has wrapped on “In The Doghouse” and “Lovesick”. She is repped by .


has taken one of the lead roles in . He will play Abraham Woodhull, a cabbage farmer who smuggles his cabbage crop on the black market, where he is captured by Colonials then pressed into spying for the Patriot cause. Bell hasn’t done much tv but he’s most recently starred in “Man on a Ledge” and was the voice of Tintin in “The Adventures of Tintin”. He is repped by .

has has landed the lead of HALT & CATCH FIRE. He will play the visionary, the confident and powerful Joe MacMillan. Once a superstar salesman at IBM, MacMillan recently departed under mysterious circumstances only to resurface at a Dallas tech company. also joins the cast as the prodigy, Cameron Howe, a talented but volatile computer programming graduate student whose aggressive exterior has everything to do with protecting a vulnerability underneath. Pace is known best for “Pushing Daisies” and the underrated (but wonderful) “Wonderfalls”. He is repped by . Davis is repped by .

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Wire allum will star opposite John Goodman in the comedy . Johnson will play Pennsylvania Sen. Robert Bettencourt who is a power player who came from nothing, went to an elite college and watched carefully to learn the game of big-city politics. He’s known for “The Wire” but has also had roles in “666 Park Avenue” and “Cra$h & Burn” as well as directing for several shows including “Last Resort”, “Person of Interest” and “Copper”. He is repped by .

has joined the comedy machine pilot that is THE ONION PRESENTS: THE NEWS. He will play rookie reporter Scott West, who joins the team full of hope and idealism but quickly learns from the demented ONN ensemble that the world of network news is more about selling soda and sunscreen and kidnapping cute white girls to get ratings, than uncovering actual news. Masterson is known best for “Malcolm in the Middle” but has appeared in “White Collar” and “Men at Work”. He is repped by .


Deep voiced and have joined the cast of . Salmon will play Colin Paige, the aristocratic emotionally guarded British teacher who is the head of the history department at the school. Kay will play Rita’s gay son. Salmon currently appears in “Arrow” and is repped by . Kay’s last tv appearance was a 2008 tv movie version of “Pinocchio”. He is repped by .

has joined which centers on a seemingly normal family that actually serve as assassins. Deacon will play Nick, the son of the family. Deacon starred as Calvin McCoy in the History miniseries “Hatfields & McCoys” and is repped by and .

and have both joined the cast of . Gavron, who last appeared on “Parenthood”, will play Rita’s cool, easygoing eldest son. Nagarajan, known best for “Outsourced”, will play an eager new teacher. She is repped by .


has been cast in the drama series continuation of the franchise. She will play Helen, the Captain of the Beverly Hills Police Department. Lahti has recently appeared in “Hawaii Five-0” and “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”. She is repped by ICM.

has jump aboard the drama pilot . He will play Rafael “Raffa” Cortez, an ambitious and somewhat Machiavellian district attorney. Morales has starred in shows like Battlestar Galactica Spin-off “Caprica”, “Fairly Legal” and “Magic City”. He is repped by .

will co-star in the upcoming single camera comedy . He will play Duke, Clyde’s older brother. Labine has been the chubby character guy to a many skinny guys in “Animal Practice”, “Reaper” and even on the silver screen with “Tucker And Dale vs Evil”. He is repped by .

has joined the comedy pilot , that revolves around an ad . He will Andrew, the ad ’s art director. Linklater has had roles in “The Newsroom”, “The Good Wife” and “The Big C”. He is repped by ICM. Linklater will be joined by Amanda Setton, who will play a copy editor. She currently has roles in “The Mindy Project” and “Golden Boy” and is repped by SDB Partners and Cornerstone Talent Agency.

has joined the cast of an untitled Greg Garcia comedy which also stars Will Arnett. He will play Deweyne, good friend of the main character play by Arnett. Smoove has had memorable roles in “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, “The League” and “Kroll Show”. He is repped by . has also joined the cast as Debbie, Arnett’s sister. She is best known for her role as The Waitress in “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” and currently stars on the comedy series “Up All Night”. She is repped by .

has joined the cast of drama pilot . She will play the daughter of the titular Surgeon General. McNamara has appeared in “30 Rock”, “Glee” and most recently “Kickin’ It”. She is repped by .

has scored the male lead of . He will play a Southern City Attorney who struggles to hide his intense attraction to gorgeous Yankee litigator while clashing over a police sex scandal. has also joined the cast and will play the Chief of Police. Gigandet has mostly stuck to film but did a small stint in tv a few years back on “The O.C.” and “Jack and Bobby” and is repped by . Gladis is best known for “Mad Men” and is repped by .

Justine Lupe will star alongside Rupert Grint in the comedy , which centers on an everyday fast food worker (Grint) who decides to become a superhero. Lupe will play Grint’s older sister. Lupe was featured in the musical-drama “Not Fade Away” and will next star in the comedy “Frances Ha”. She is repped by Gersh.

Erik Jensen has joined the psychological SECOND SIGHT, which centers on a lead detective who suffers from terrifying dreams and hallucinations. Jensen will play a member of the detectives team. Jensen currently stars on the Western-drama series “The Frontier” and will next be seen in the film “5up 2down”. He is repped by .

will play the of United States in the upcoming drama pilot . Naughton last guest starred on “Gossip Girl” and has had bit roles on “Blue Bloods” and “Warehouse 13”. He is repped by .

has joined the cast of medical drama (with a twist!!!!!!) . She will play Dr. Page Wyatt, an expert in microorganisms. Riesgraf is best known for her regular role on “Leverage” but has had roles in “Criminal Minds”, “NCIS” and other procedurals. She is repped by .


has joined the cast of OXYGEN. He will play Grayson, a (non alien) boy who has a crush on Emery. Damon has had recurring roles on “The Secret Circle”, “The Nine Lives of Chloe King” and “Friday Night Lights”. He is repped by .

Toby Regbo will take the male lead in the REIGN pilot as well as in the CBS series BURDEN. In “Reign”, he will play fifteen-year-old Prince Francis, who marries Mary Queen of Scots when she arrives in France. In “Burden”, he will star as Peedie Burden, a young man ridden with guilt when he survives a car crash that kill his cousin. Regbo starred in “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2” as Young Dumbledore and will next be seen in the film “U Want Me 2 Kill Him?” He is repped by and BWH Agency.

Michael Malarkey will be taking over the role of Prince Maxon, originally held by Ethan Peck in the drama pilot . The project is set 300 years in the future where women must compete for the royal hand to the Prince.

will topline , which centers on a man (Hickey), who is in a coma in which he cannot move or talk but is aware of everything going on around him. Hickey currently stars on “The Big C” and “The Good Wife”. He is repped by .

will star in the drama pilot , which takes place 97 years after a nuclear war has destroyed earth and one hundred juvenile delinquents are sent back to see if the world is once again habitable. Taylor will play Clarke, one of the delinquents. She is repped by .


has found two young leads. will play the teen son Frankie. will play the teen daughter Rachel. Buckley is known for his work on “Detention” and is repped by . Lee is best known for her role of Magnolia Breeland on “Hart of Dixie” and is repped by .

will be a regular on , should the pilot go to series. She will play Detective Hicks, the youngest and wildest member of the GTF. Lavi was a series regular on MTV’s “Underemployed” and is repped by Talent Works.

will play the female lead in comedy . She is known best for the ill-fated “Pan Am” and is repped by .

has secured the (male) lead opposite Emma Roberts for . He will play Alex, a young, handsome police officer with a secret agenda, who finds himself intensely attracted to Lena in a world where love is banned and treated. Kagasoff is best known for “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” and is repped by .

will star in . He will play Ichabod Crane, who partners with Detective Abbie Archer to solve the mysteries of a town ravaged by the battle between good and evil. Mison last starred in a mini-series, “Parade’s End” that stars Bennedict Cumberbatch. He is repped by .

has been cast as a lead in . She will play Jen, a super-ambitious young woman who can’t stand being a legal assistant for another day and hopes to snag an associate lawyer position at her firm now that she’s passed the bar. Snow has appeared in “Harry’s Law” and “Ben & Kate”. She is repped by ICM.

Anthony LaPaglia is in final talks to star in BOOMERANG opposite Felicity Huffman. The project centers on a family of assassins that works for the government. LaPaglia would play Bill, the patriarch of the family and an ex-CIA agent. LaPaglia recently starred in the films “Overnight” and “Mental” and will next appear in the family drama “Long Time Gone”. He is repped by Artists , RGM Artist Group and ICM.

Jay Hernandez has joined the crime drama . He will star as a gang member tasked with infiltrating the San Francisco Police Department. Hernandez has a recurring role in the hit series “Nashville” and his upcoming film “Ghost in the Ring” is currently in . He is repped by .


will guess star on Charlie Sheen’s as a favor to both parties one can assume. She will play herself. Her last tv appearance was the DOA tv movie “Liz & Dick”. She is repped by .


Ron Livingston has joined the cast of the hit drama BOARDWALK EMPIRE. He will take on the role of Roy Phillips, a wealthy business man from out-of-town. Livingston, who starred in the HBO series “Band of Brothers”, has several upcoming films including “The Conjuring”, “Fort Bliss” and “Parkland”. He is repped by . Joining Livingston will be “Hurt Locker” star Brian Geraghty who will play prohibition agent Loren Knox. Since the Kathryn Bigelow Oscar-winner, Geraghty has starred in “10 Years” and most recently, “Flight”. He is repped by .


has snapped up the lead for . She will play an uptight Director of Human Resources for a global company who, after a head injury alters her outlook on life, throws standard corporate practices out the window and inspires the business to strive for new ambitions and profits. Silverstone has been quiet on all fronts (that isn’t health book related), most recently starring in a few episodes of “Suburgatory”. She is repped by .


and will star as sister for the as-yet untitled conspiracy drama from Rand Ravich. Anderson will play Meg Fitch, the CEO of a conglomerate who’s horrified to learn of the mass abduction of her daughter Amber and her private-school classmates. Taylor will play Dunn, a highly trained and dedicated FBI agent who is the point person of the kidnapping case and is determined to get to the bottom of the crisis, she’ll re-establish ties with her sister Meg, whom she hasn’t spoken with for years. Anderson is best known (perhaps to her chagrin) as Dana Scully of “X-Files” fame and is repped by . Taylor has had recurring roles on “666 Park Avenue”, “Charlie’s Angels” and “Grey’s Anatomy” and is repped by . Also joining the project are Lance Gross, who will play a Secret Service agent who finds himself in the middle of a crisis on his first day on the . Halston Sage will play Amber, the daughter of .

will star in the 10 episode summer series . She will play the camp’s director Mackenzie Greenfield, who is reeling from being left by her husband for a younger woman. Griffiths has starred in “Six Feet Under”, “Brothers & Sisters”, and “Rake”. She is repped by . has also joined the cast and will play a rival camp’s director. He is repped by and .

will star opposite Blair Underwood in . He will play Gary, (the titular) Ironside’s ex-partner. Sexton has most recently appeared in “The Killing” and “Justified”. He is repped by .

has been cast in the untitled comedy from Greg Daniels. He will play one of the friends, Matt’s roommate Arthur, the “ladies man” of the group who shares all of his bro tips with Matt to get him laid. Kalyan is still starring in “Rules of Engagement” which is most likely cancelled and has starred in “Nip/Tuck” and “Aliens in America”. He is repped by .

will play the young female lead in the untitled multi-camera comedy from Sean Hayes and Victor Fresco. She will play Hayes’ 14-year-old daughter who just moved in. Isler is a complete newcomer to the tv world and is repped by Coast To Coast.

gains three actors. will play General Oliander Hume, an undead, foul mouthed, brilliant Confederate War General that has been imprisoned for 18 years in a magical coffin. will play Silas Hedgepeth, wielder of the Fourth Gun and General Hume’s most Loyal Lieutenant. will play Agent Mercer, a PI looking for the missing guns. Brown is best known for “Deadwood” and is repped by . McTavish is best known for “24” and unfortunately “The Hobbit” and is repped by . Hodge is best known for “Leverage” and “Chicago Code” and is repped by .

has joined the cast of the summer series , opposite . He will play the camp’s counselor Robbie, an overachiever who has been recently accepted into Stanford law school. Pocock is best known for the family drama “Dance Academy” and is repped by ICM.

Laura Ramsey has snatched up the main (female) lead of . She will play Becky Montcrief, a farmer’s daughter turned gun wielding badass. Ramsey has appeared in “Mad Men” and “My Generation”. She is repped by .

will co-star as the female adult lead in the untitled Sean Hayes multi-cam. She will play Liz, Sean’s long-time loyal friend with whom he also works. Liz is a former therapist who quit because she had too many opinions and couldn’t listen to people talk about their problems without telling them what to do. Sloane has popped up in many shows including “The League”, “Ben and Kate”, “Pysch”, “Weeds” and “Childrens Hospital”. She is repped by Gersh.

Delroy Lindo has joined the cast of the drama BELIEVE, which centers on a girl who possesses great powers that will emerge in seven years. Lindo will play Winter, a kind man posing as a priest with a secret agenda. Lindo starred as a regular on “The Chicago Code” and in the 2011 film “The Big Bang”. He is repped by .

has signed up for the comedy , which centers on a group of people whose lives change after they survive a plance accident. Leigh will play Leah, a sarcastic free-spirit. She is repped by and recently starred on “Private Practice” and “Gray’s Anatomy”.

Another pretty face joins summer series , set in Down Under. will play the camp’s maintenance guy who loves food, sex and weed. Nikolaeff last starred in the tv show “Sea Patrol” and is repped by .


The wonderful(ly lanky) will have a 5 episode arc in the upcoming . She will play Margaret Scully, the wife of university provost Barton Scully played by Beau Bridges. Janney is of course known for her awesomeness in “West Wing” but recently she’s lent her voice to “Phineas and Ferb” and “Robot Chicken”. She is repped by Gersh.


Melora Hardin will star as the female lead in the multi-cam comedy DO IT YOURSELF. The project centers on a 20-something fired math teacher who takes a at The Big Box Home Supply Store. Hardin will play his power-hungry boss. Hardin previously starred as Michael Scott’s notoriously strict boss Jan in “The Office” and last starred in the drama-thriller “I Melt With You”. She is repped by The Kohner Agency.

will join forces once again with Bill Lawrence’s . He will play a boss in the workplace comedy called Mr. Mansfield. McGinley is best known for his work on “Srubs” and last had a recurring role in “Burn Notice”. He is repped by .

TV Land

and will guest star on HOT IN CLEVELAND. Conway, who has previously appeared on the show, will reprise his role as Betty White’s ex, Nick. Nick however now has his sights set on Burnett’s character, Penny. Burnett lent her voice to the animated film “The Secret World of Arrietty”. She is repped by ICM. Conway is repped by .


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