has cast , , , and . The show tells the of an American Latina struggling with her bi-cultural life but not fully belonging to either.

“Breaking Bad’s” will star in , a drama following the upstairs/downstairs relationships in a private country club. Brandt will play a woman whose husband ran off with his father’s stepmother after losing all the club’s money. She is repped by Talent Works and Patty Woo .

and will not be reprising their roles on GREY’S ANATOMY. Cast as new interns, Ferrer and Charles were promoted to series regulars this past season but will not be back for the show’s 11th season.

Joseph A. Nunez has been cast in THE WINKLERS, a comedy based on Henry Winkler’s real life relationship with his son-in-law. Nunez will play a construction worker with a secret passion for dance.

joins as a cellist named Audrey.


is cast as the lead in , a drama following a bright but socially awkward neurologist who goes home to investigate a mysterious epidemic that spreads through technology. Suvari is repped by ICM and .

has been cast as the male lead in , a comedy chronicling the love lives and adventures of a group of expatriates in Paris. Evans will play a divorced but somber man struggling with a recent heartbreak. He is repped by .


has booked a series regular role on . The series stars Gabrielle Union and follows her life and career as a successful news anchor. He is repped by and .


will be a series regular on the Untitled Kevin Williamson drama that follows two detectives who handle stalking incidents for the LAPD. Rasuk will play an ambitious detective who isn’t all that he seems. He is repped by Gersh.

has been cast in Matthew Perry’s ODD COUPLE, a reboot of the classic series. Sloane, repped by Gersh and Brillstein, will play a tightly wound, recently divorced woman in a role created for her.

Captain Jim Brass, aka , will be leaving . After 14 seasons, he will finish out his run during the season finale on May 7.

will have a guest role on his upcoming series, an untitled Wall Street drama telling the of a smart hedge fund trader. Cusack will play a cynical former Wall Street trader who has left the business.

joins , a comedy surrounding a seemingly happy couple who go to therapy to help them decide if they should have a baby. Nogueira will play a woman who is a mess when it comes to men and relationships. She is repped by and .


joins , an action drama chronicling the rise of Antonio Bravo, a popular soccer star and CIA spy. Molia will play the owner of the soccer team.

and join as the lead’s younger brother who is in prison and a DEA Agent, respectfully. Cruz is repped by and while Bruce is with .


“Hot Fuzz’s” joins as an intelligent and driven attorney who is also an alcoholic and is assigned a sober companion for 90 days after embarrassing himself in court. Frost is repped by and Think Tank .

and will be the female leads in . Brown, repped by and McKeon/Myones, will play the lead characters ex-wife while Makkar, repped by and Principato Young, will appear as his competitive sister.


has been cast in the miniseries TEXAS RISING, a drama surrounding the Texas Revolution against Mexico. Hicks will play a young Ranger who faces his first skirmish with a group of murdering Indians. He is repped by .


joins cast. The comedy centers on longtime couple Annie and Jake who get engaged but realize it’s harder than it looks. Bucatinsky will play Annie’s father. He is repped by and .

joins the comedy , a workplace ensemble set in 1962 where a strong woman butts heads with a macho astronaut. Renee will play the astronaut’s secretary, Jessica. She is repped by Intellectual Artists and .

America will have its first woman president as joins the cast of . The show will follow a CIA attache who counsels the president on high stakes incidents around the world. Woodard is repped by ICM and .

joins the cast of . He is repped by Meghan Schumacher and .

is set to star in ONE BIG HAPPY, the of two platonic friends, one a lesbian, one a straight man, who decide to have a baby via artificial insemination. Right after finding out they’re pregnant, the man impulsively gets married. Brook will play the lead’s wife, Prudence. She is repped by Untitled and .


joins Michael Sheen and Lizzie Caplan on , the drama about the real life of Bill Masters and his assistant. Huston is cast as Dr. Douglas Greathouse the head of the hospital’s Obstetrics Department.


joins the ballet drama . The series will follow a young dancer with a troubled past who joins a prestigious New York ballet company. Aspillaga will play the company’s assistant manager. She is repped by .

SURVIVOR’S REMORSE has cast Ronreaco Lee and Jessie T. Usher. The LeBron James-produced series centers on a basketball phenom who is suddenly thrust into the limelight after signing a multi-million dollar contract.

will co-star in SURVIVOR’S REMORSE, playing the main character’s uncle who moves from the projects to a mansion after his nephew gets a basketball contract. He is repped by and .


will join PROOF, a supernatural medical drama centering on a brilliant female surgeon struggling with the loss of her teenage son. Modine will play billionaire facing terminal cancer looking for proof of life after death. He is repped by and Untitled.


will be a series regular on , an action adventure following an FBI agent stationed in Jerusalem who uncovers a conspiracy 2000 years in the making. Sudol is repped by Revolution and and will play an American intern working on a dig site in Jerusalem.

and join police drama . Giovinazzo, known for his role on :NY, will play the head of the LAPD Gang Task Force. Sklaroff, repped by and , will play the head of a human trafficking organization. Giovinazzo is repped by .


will be a series regular on , a drama surrounding a clandestine mission to build the first atomic bomb. Chernus, repped by , will play a brilliant scientist.


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