has been cast in as Gus Grissom, an average Joe who is the last person you would think would become an astronaut who goes on to become an asset to NASA, flying on the Mercury and Gemini missions. Johnstone is repped by BRS/Gage and .

star will not return for the fourth season of the drama after claims of domestic abuse. Short has played Harrison Wright since the show’s beginning.

ABC Family

and will star in , a tennis drama exploring the cutthroat and emotional stakes of professional tennis. Celaya will play Ellie, an athletic beauty with great but poor discipline. Mattsson will play Ninotchka, ranked third in the world for tennis but first in looks. Celaya is repped by and while Mattsson is with Talent Works and .


will co-star in opposite Bob Odenkirk. The prequel series will center on criminal lawyer Saul Goodman before met Walter White. McKean is repped by and .


has been promoted to a recurring role on . Kennedy Marjorie, a frenemy of Allison Janney’s character Bonnie, who has been diagnosed with breast cancer. She is repped by and .

is coming on down for a guest role on . The former game show host will have a three episode arc about animal rescue.

is staying put at CBS. The “How I Met Your Mother” actress will appear in Ben Affleck and Matt Damon’s comedy pilot . The story follows Tom Papa as a husband and father who decides to quit his to spend more time with his family. Hannigan is repped by .

will join the cast of . The Steven Spielberg executive produced series follows a female astronaut trying to reconnect with her family after being in space for a year. Her experiences lead to events that will change the course of human history. Hilton will play Charlie, a chief coder on the Humanichs Project. He is repped by and .


joins the cast of , a movie where he’ll play Carlos, the son of Cruella De Vil. The project will focus on the children of Disney’s greatest villains as they start to question being part of the family business. Also lending their voices to the project are “Twilight” alum Booboo Stewart and Disney regular Dove Cameron. Boyce is repped by Osbrink Talent Agency.

has signed on to play Maleficent in . Dove Cameron will play her daughter, Mal. Chenoweth is reppeb by and .


joins the cast of . The ensemble comedy follows four relationship-phobic people who are unexpectedly thrust into each others lives and form an unlikely bond in a townhouse in Queens, NY. Kumbhani will play a beautiful young bisexual woman and free spirited artists. She is repped by .


will have a recurring role on , the story of a scientist who can explain how a nuclear reactor works but is clueless about life. Plunkett will play two roles, as photographer Cynthia and as Michael Cera’s secretary, Magda. She is repped by and .


will co-star in the untitled rock and roll drama pilot from executive producers Martin Scorsese and Mick Jagger. The show is set in in the 1970s and explored the drug and sex fueled music business as punk and disco were becoming popular. Romano is repped by ICM and


will become a series regular on , a teenage drama about a girl growing up but not realizing she’s a witch. Adams will play a rebel wizard who uses his powers to get what he wants. He is repped by Intellectual Artists and .


will star in , a 10 part drama is set in the Himalayas and tells the story of the decline of the British Empire and the birth of modern India. Walters will play Cynthia, a respected and prominent widow and head of the Royal Club of British expats.


has landed a recurring role for the second season of . She joins stars Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan who play Dr. William Masters and his assistant Virginia Johnson, respectively. Silverman is repped by and .


will star in upcoming event series . The “Battlestar Galactica” star will play manipulative and dangerous Viondra, the captain’s wife. The series follows the goings on of starship Ascension which was launched to send hundreds of people on a century long voyage to populate a new world. Helfer is repped by , and .


Event series has cast , and in recurring roles. The series explores the world of an FBI agent stationed in Jerusalem who uncovers a 2,000 year old mystery that threatens to change the course of history. Taylor, who is repped by and Shelter Entertainment, will play a U.S. ambassador to Israel. Costabile, who is repped by and , will play a charming and authoritative author of religious . Metwally, repped by and , will play an American who disappeared after being accused of murder.


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