has been cast as Camille in Carlton Cuse’s drama . Ennenga will play one of the twin girls who was killed in a bus crash but suddenly reappears without explanation. She is repped by Innovative and .

is also joining the cast of . Sisto will play Peter, a psychologist who runs a support group in the town after the bus accident four years previously. He is repped by Gersh and .

, and also join the cast of . Alejandro, who is repped by Gersh and Main Title, will play the small town’s authoritative Sheriff Moran. Lowe, repped by and , plays the sister of ’s character. Vairo plays one of the returned who comes back 10 years after his death. He is repped by Gersh and Gartner/Green.


is set to co-star in Brian Gallivan’s upcoming family comedy that centers on an overworked father who moves his family to New Hampshire in search of a simpler life. Shannon will play Cathleen Burke, the wife and mother of six with a keen sense of humor. She is repped by , Framework and .

ABC Family

, , and have been cast in , a drama series centering on a party girl high school student who spends her nights at a rehab facility. De Souza plays bad boy Wes, another rehab patient/love interest while Carra has been cast as a high school guidance counselor who sends the party girl to rehab; Savant plays the girl’s stubborn politician father. De Souza is repped by and , while Carra is with and ICM; Savant is repped by and .

and Diane Farr have been cast in , a sci-fi series about a woman who is being trained by a covert government to be “stitched” into the minds of corpses, using their memories and knowledge to discover their killers. Farr will play the head of the secret government program, and Mazzola will play the main character’s antagonistic roommate. Mazzola is repped by and ; Farr is repped by and .


is in talks to star in , a dramedy pilot centering on a Washington DC management consultant who is estranged from his family but is pulled back into the family gun manufacturing business when it’s threatened. Dennehy, who is repped by ICM, would play the family patriarch, Wade.

and are set to join the cast of , a drama centering on an brilliant but socially awkward neurologist who goes home to Texas to investigate a mysterious epidemic that spreads through technology. Grant will be a series regular, playing Cassie, the star dancer of the high school dance team. Jones will play the recurring role of Deante, a straight A student and dancer who meets up with Cassie and her dance team. Grant is repped by and while Jones is with Prestige Talent and Luber/Roklin.

 and are set to co-star in , a comedy pilot executive produced by Steven Soderbergh and directed by David Gordon Green. The project centers on a twentysomething who takes a as an assistant tennis pro at a Jewish country club in New Jersey. Kind will play his dad, Sam, who confesses some surprising secrets when he has a near death experience. Esmer will play the main character’s mischievous tennis instructor. Kind is repped by and ; Esmer is repped by and .


Legendary actor joins the upcoming series as a series regular. The sci-fi fantasy, from Ridley Scott’s Scott Free banner, is set in a post-apocalyptic future that has rejected all technology. Fonda has been cast as Crawford, a shop owner who is resentful about no longer being a leader among the survivors. He is repped by and .

is set to recur in the fourth season of , a western drama about Cullen Bohannon, a former soldier who hunts down the Union soldiers who killed his wife. Scarfe will play Sydney Snow, an old war friend of Bohannon’s who manages to always get himself in trouble. He is repped by Greene & Associates and More/Medavoy.


will star in , a Shakespearian adaptation, opposite Benedict Cumberbatch. Okonedo will play Queen Margaret, while Cumberbatch has been cast as Richard, the man who kills Henry VI and becomes Richard III. She is repped by and .

will join the cast of for its fifth season. Johnston, repped by , is known for her roles in British series like “Coronation Street” and “Waking The Dead.” She will play Denker, the Lady’s Maid to Maggie Smith’s character Violet Crawley, Dowager Countess of Grantham.


has nabbed a series regular promotion for season 2 of . Keltz has recurred in the series’ freshman season as Leith, the love interest of lady-in-waiting Greer. He is repped by Stone Manners Salners, and .


and join the cast of THINGS YOU SHOULDN’T SAY PAST MIDNIGHT. The project, based on the Tony award winning play, follows a variety of modern day relationships based on the premise that nothing good happens after midnight. Young will play a college sophomore who comes up with an idea to prank the Dean (played by David), only to have the plan foiled by a campus security guard. Young is repped by Gersh and David Dean while David is with and Silver Mine Entertainment.


Merritt Patterson has been cast in THE ROYALS. E!’s first series follows a fictional British royal family. Patterson plays the daughter of the family’s American head of security, who begins a clandestine affair with the prince. Patterson is repped by and .


has a recurring role on , a limited series followup to the 2005 Lisa Kudrow comedy. The first time around, the series focused on Kudrow’s character, a washed up sitcom actress who appears on a reality show while she attempts a career comeback. Young will play Tyler Beck, her nephew and a USC film student who becomes part of the camera crew. and will also reprise their roles from the original run. Young is repped by and ; Lutz is repped by and ; Ackerman is repped by and Sanders Armstrong Caserta .

will join the cast of for its upcoming season. Szadkowski is known for playing Dorota Kishlovsky on “Gossip Girl.” She is repped by CornerStone Talent Agency.

“Harry Potter” alum will star in the HBO/BBC miniseries adaptation of the J.K. Rowling book . The story centers on a small, English village whose seedy underbelly is masked by an idyllic facade. Also cast are , , , , and . Gambon is repped by Independent Talent Group and .

joins the cast of for its final season. He will play Wyatt Geary, the Vice of Human Resources for AWM. Powell is repped by SMS and Leverage.


is set to star in the six hour miniseries . The Revolutionary War series follows a radical group of patriots – Sam Adams, John Adams, Paul Revere, John Hancock and Joseph Warren – as they band together to make America an independent nation. Norris will play Benjamin Franklin and will be joined by Ben Barnes as Sam Adams, Ryan Eggold as Warren, Michael Raymond James as Revere, Rafe Spall as Hancock, Henry Thomas as John Adams and Marton Csokas as Thomas Gage. Norris is repped by and .

has been cast as Andrew Jackson in the miniseries TEXAS RISING. The series focuses on the Texas Revolution against Mexico and the rise of the Texas Rangers. Kristofferson, who is repped by ICM, joins Bill Paxton, Brendan Fraser, Ray Liotta, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Chad Michael Murray and Thomas Jane for the project.


is set to star in , an upcoming dark comedy series showing the behind the scenes chaos surrounding the of a dating reality series. Zimmer will play the executive of the show, replacing Marti Noxon, opposite Shiri Appleby. She is repped by and .


“Game of Thrones” alum is joining the cast of . The crime drama is based on the true story of the cocaine drug cartels and the law enforcement tasked with bringing them down. The series centers on drug kingpin Pablo Escobar and Mexican DEA agent Javier Pena, who will be played by Pascal. Pascal is repped by and .


The Tyler Perry drama series has added , Aiden Turner, , , , , , , and to the cast. The series follows the relationships of married couples who live on the same street who have diverse backgrounds but lead very similar lives.


and join the cast of for the fourth season. Robins has been cast as Martha Boyd, the U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan while Stoll will play Sandy Bachman, the CIA Chief of Station in Pakistan. Robins is repped by while Stoll is with and Suskin .


joins event series in a recurring role. The series, created by Tim Kring and Gideon Raff, follows an FBI agent in Jerusalem who uncovers a conspiracy 2000 years in the making while investigating the murder of an American archaeologist. Grant will play Ian Margrove, the archaeologist in charge of the dig in Jerusalem. He joins the cast that includes Jason Isaacs, Anne Heche, Alison Sudol, and David Constabile. Grant is repped by .

The sixth season of has cast five recurring roles: a mysterious European traveler, an unconventional couples counselor, a new HankMed patient who goes into business with Evan, a bartender at the local bar, and a burlesque dancer. They will be played by , , , , and , respectively. Alexy is repped by The and ; Breen is repped by The and A Company; Davidson is repped by and Insight; Higareda is repped by and ; Hall is repped by and .

and have been cast in recurring roles on the upcoming ; and will guest star. The series follows elite and hard-partying LA doctor William Rush. Hamlin will play Rush’s estranged and domineering father, and Nichols will play his young trophy wife. Smurfit and Luken will appear in the second episode, as a lifestyle blogger and MMA fighter, respectively. Hamlin is repped by and ; Nichols is repped by and 360; Smurfit is repped by and ; Luken is repped by Green & Associates and Tash Moseley .


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