has been promoted to series regular and will return in a recurring role for the third season of . Johnson Norma Bates’ brother, Caleb, and Peltz Norman Bates’ friend and love interest Bradley Martin. Johnson is repped by and ; Peltz is repped by and .


will recur on , a drama centering on a family man who finds the body of a young boy, instantly becoming the prime suspect. Ciaramello joins Ryan Phillippe and will play Paul Murphy, a father and husband about to be deployed for the fifth time. Ciaramello is repped by .

has been cast in a major recurring role on the sophomore season of . The Tony winning actress will play a mysterious government agent in charge of monitoring Omar Epps’ Bellamy as well as the goings on around Arcadia. Murphy is repped by and .

is joining the upcoming fourth season of . The “McCarthys” star will appear in a guest role on the political thriller that centers on a powerful and high profile “fixer” whose team gets politicians and other Washington elite out of personal and professional scrapes. Coleman is repped by is repped by Gersh and .

has a multi-episode arc on the third season of . The musical drama series follows a fading country music star who struggles to stay current when a young rising star threatens to steal her thunder. Benanti has been cast as Sadie Stone, an up and coming country star who befriends Connie Britton’s Rayna. She is repped by and .

has signed on for a guest role on the upcoming musical comedy series . The series stars Timothy Omundson and Joshua Sasse as a down on his luck knight who seeks revenge from the King who stole his princess. Stamos will play a rival of the show’s knight, Galavant, who he will challenge to a joust. Stamos is repped by and .

and will have recurring roles on the second season of Marvel’s AGENTS OF SHIELD. Diamond will play villain Daniel Whitehall (or “Kraken”), who in the comics is a HYDRA agent. Blood will play mercenary and SHIELD ally Lance Hunter. Diamond is repped by ; Blood is repped by and .

will also join the ranks of Marvel’s AGENTS OF SHIELD. The British actor will play Bakshi, a confident man not afraid to get his hands dirty. Kassianides is repped by and .

joins in a recurring role for the series upcoming fourth season. The series follows the daughter of a man wrongly accused of murder who vows to exact revenge on the people who put him away. Satine will play Louise, a disgraced member of a wealthy Southern family who also has a minor mental issue. She will meet one of the show’s characters in a very unique way. Satine is repped by ICM and .


will continue his recurring role on for the legal drama’s sixth season. The show follows lawyer and political wife Alicia Florrick, who struggles to balance her personal, professional, and political lives. Colter powerful drug lord Lemond Bishop, whose “legitimate businesses” Florrick represents. Colter is repped by Gersh and .

and have nabbed recurring roles on the upcoming drama . The series follows two detectives from the Threat Assessment Unit who investigate cases of stalking. Kole has been cast as Detective Trent Wilkes, lead detective in the Robbery Homicide Division of the LAPD, while Stocklin will play Perry, an introverted college sophomore. The pair join leads Dylan McDermott and Maggie Q. Kole is repped by and , Stocklin is with and .


has been promoted to series regular for the second season of . The series follows the personal and professional lives of the staff of ’s Knickerbocker Hospital in the early 20th century. Lipinski the son of a millionaire rubber magnate, a suitor of Cornelia, the daughter of the Knickerbocker’s benefactor. Lipinski is repped by Gersh and Group.


, , and have joined the recurring cast of the upcoming comedy BIG TIME IN HOLLYWOOD, FL. The series follows a pair of ne’er-do-well brothers who are kicked out of their parents’s house and forced, for the first time, to fend for themselves. Gooding Jr. will play a fictionalized version of himself, Madsen will play a private detective whom the boys’ parents hire to track their criminal activity, and David will play a federal agent investigating cartel activity in the area. Gooding Jr. is repped by ; Madsen is repped by ; and David is repped by and .


has been cast as Ted “Wildcat” Grant for the third season of . In the comic series on which the show is based, Wildcat is a member of the Justice Society for America and mentor and trainer of other masked vigilantes. On the show, he will play a crucial role in the life of Laurel Lance. Ramirez is repped by Mavrick Artists and .

has cast as Plastique, aka Bette Sans Souci. Souci was a bomb disposal expert in Iraq when a freak accident gave her the ability to turn everyday objects into explosives. On the run from the U.S. black ops, Plastique finds an ally in The Flash. Frye is repped by .


will guest star on the premiere episode of . Slate has been cast as Biance, a tough, street smart mob mistress who works undercover as an informant for the FBI. Slate is repped by and .


will appear on in a guest role in the sixth episode of  the show’s final season. The series follows a California outlaw motorcycle club. Michele will play Gertie, a truck stop waitress who finds a connection with Gemma, the mother of the club’s president. She is repped by and .

will join AMERICAN HORROR STORY: FREAK SHOW in a regular role as one of the season’s major villains. Lynch is repped by .


is set to star in , an original movie that centers on Sally Browning, a children’s book author who is devastated when her dog runs away. He ends up with a widower and his teenage daughter in Boston and reunites with his original owner, bringing everyone together for Christmas. Polo is repped by Gersh and .


Nine actors have been cast in the fifth season of . will play Prince Oberyn’s older brother Doran; will play Doran’s son Trystane, the heir to Dorne; Nell Tiger Free will play Myrcella Baratheon, the daughter of Cersei Lannister and (secretly) her brother Jaime; DeObia Oparei will play Areo Hotah, the captain of Doran’s palace guard; Enzo Cilenti will play Yezza, who was once a wealthy slave trader, before Daenerys Targaryen outlawed slavery; Jessica Henwick will play Nymeria Sand, the second-eldest of Oberyn’s illegitimate daughters; Rosabell Laurenti Sellers will play Tyene Sand, another of Oberyn’s daughters; Keisha Castle-Hughes will play the warrior Obara Sand, Oberyn’s eldest illegitimate daughter; and will play High Sparrow, a man on a mission to bring aid and comfort to the downtrodden of King’s Landing. Siddig is repped by ; Sebastian is repped by and ; Free is repped by ; Oparei is repped by ; Cilenti is repped by 42 and ; Henwick is repped by ; Sellers is repped by and ; Castle-Hughes is repped by and ; and Pryce is repped by .


will star in original movie . Written and directed by Nzingha Stewart, the rom-com follows three single best friends who attend the wedding of their best friend and make a pact to be married within the year. Sudano will play Elise, the bride about to get married who is counting on her best friends to get her down the aisle. She is repped by and and Production.


is set to co-star in upcoming drama opposite David Duchovny. The series, set in the 1960s, follows a cop who goes undercover to track down Charles Manson and his infamous family before their murder spree. Holt has been cast as Officer Charmain Tully, a young policewoman who wants to be taken seriously in the boys club that was the LAPD in 1967. She is repped by and .

Mary-Louise Parker and have been cast as the leads in . The miniseries, based on the Australian series of the same name, follows the familial chaos and drama that ensues after a man slaps another couple’s misbehaving child. Sarsgaard family man Hector, whose cousin slaps the child, while Parker play’s Hector’s close friend Anouk, who is dating the young leading man of the show for which she writes. Parker is repped by ; Sarsgaard is repped by and .

Mary-Louise Parker has additionally been cast in a recurring role on . The series follows former FBI agent and fugitive Raymond Reddington, who works with a young FBI profiler to track down the dangerous criminals on the “blacklist” he has compiled. Parker will play a character named Naomi Highland, who has close ties to Reddington. Parker is repped by .

has also recently been cast in the second season of . Marno will play series regular Tamar Katzman, a former Mossad agent and spy who goes toe-to-toe with James Spader’s Raymond Reddington. Marno is repped by and .

is the third actress this week to be cast in a recurring role on the upcoming season of . Ritter will play Rowan Mills, an analyst at a data security firm who has a troubled past. Ritter is repped by , , and .

will recur on the freshman drama , which follows the efforts of an undercover cop to track Charles Manson and his crime family. Barr will play Patricia “Katie” Krenwinkel, one of Manson’s followers. She is repped by .

has been cast in a recurring role on the first season of . The freshman drama follows homicide detective Laura Diamond’s efforts to balance her work and home lives. Kim will play a political activist who bonds with Laura after she is arrested at a protest. She is repped by and .


, and have all signed on for various roles on the upcoming fourth season of . Moses will play Dennis, an academic who teaches political science at Quaid-I-Azam University. Kaur has been cast as a high level operative in Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence. Malik will have a guest role playing Bunran “Bunny” Latif, an old friend of Saul’s. Moses is repped by , Kaur is with D2 Management, and Malik is repped by .


will recur on the six-episode miniseries , which follows a generation ship sent to populate a new planet, whose passengers begin to question their mission after the murder of a young girl aboard the ship. Crewson will play the boss of the mission founder’s son. She is repped by Talent and .

and have been cast in major recurring roles on , the re-boot of the 1995 film. The series centers on Cole who, using a dangerous method of time , goes from 2043 to the present day in an effort to locate and destroy the source of a deadly plague that will destroy the human race. Hampshire will play Jennifer Goines, a female verson of Jeffrey Goines, an unstable mental patient who could hold the key to finding and destroying the 12 Monkeys mystery. Noonan has been cast as a new villainous character who is the face of the Army of the 12 Monkeys. Hampshire is repped by Intellectual Artists Management, , and Drive Artists, while Noonan is with Vanguard Management and .


will have a recurring guest role on the upcoming fifth season of . Doyle has been cast as Aleksandre Belenko, a Georgian diplomat who is active in the charitable world. Despite his charisma and humanitarian efforts, Annie suspects more sinister intentions. Doyle is repped by , and .

will recur on freshman medical drama , which follows a “medical fixer” working with the elite of . Hines Steffi, whose arrival brings drama and chaos in its wake. Hines is repped by and .

has been promoted to series regular for upcoming second season of . The series follows three Chicago EMTs who, despite their awkward and narcissistic personalities, have a talent for saving lives. Nunn EMT Cash on the show, previously cast as a recurring guest star. Nunn is repped by .


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