will appear in a recurring role on the upcoming comedy . The series follows a young twentysomething who rebrands her social media image (and her entire life) with the help of a marketing pro, Henry. Huskey will play Larry, a lab technician with an unrequited love for Henry. Huskey is repped by and Abrams Artists.

is set to join the cast of Marvel’s AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. The spin-off series follows the agents of the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division. Wade will play Absorbing Man, aka Carl “Crusher” Creel. He is repped by and Authentic Talent.

has booked a recurring role on the upcoming midseason drama . The series centers on the lives of both members and the working class staff at an elite East Coast country club. Forsythe will play Eve, a privileged but sensible teen who was born into the world of wealth. She is repped by and .

will appear on the fourth season of . The modern-day “Count of Monte Cristo” tale centers on a woman who returns to the Hamptons, where she grew up, in order to avenge her father, who was imprisoned and killed after being framed for treason by the wealthy locals. Smith will play a patient at the mental hospital in which series villain Victoria Grayson has been committed. She is repped by Gersh.


has been cast as Sam Adams in the upcoming comedy pilot WE . The project, from Ethan Sandler and Adrian Wenner, follows two brothers in colonial times who are jealous of all the attention lavished on Paul Revere. Adsit is repped by and .

will also appear in WE . Olafsson will play Ethan Allen, one of the Revolutionary War patriots. He is repped by and Conway Van Gelder.


has been cast on in a recurring role. The series is a remake of the 1970s comedy, based on the play by Neil Simon. Bibb will play Casey, a confident model who is interested in keeping her romantic life simple. Casey is the sister of Emily (a character original to the new series), who is played by Lindsay Sloane. Bibb is repped by and .

will star in the Mark Burnett and Roma Downey miniseries . The project follows four extraordinary women whose lives intertwine as they fight to survive the seige of Masada. Brosnahan will play Yael, one of the four central women, whose mother died during childbirth and whose father blames her for it. She joins Cote de Pablo for the project. Brosnahan is repped by and .

Shad Moss, better known by his stage name “,” will be a series regular on the upcoming crime procedural . He joins Patricia Arquette as cyberpsychologist Avery Ryan, who heads the FBI’s Cyber Crime Division. James Van Der Beek also stars as battlefield forensics expert Special Agent Elijah Mundo. Moss will play Brody “Baby Face” Nelson, a hacker who makes a deal to work with the FBI in order to stay out of prison. He is repped by .


has been tapped to play Tony Woodward, aka Girder, on . In the comic series, Woodward becomes Girder after being thrown into a vat of steel, which was contaminated by S.T.A.R. Labs materials. Finley is repped by and .

and both join the cast of upcoming series IZOMBIE. The series centers on a medical student-turned-zombie who takes a in the coroner’s office to have better access to the brains she needs to survive. Every time she consumes a brain, though, she also inherits the memories of the deceased, allowing her to help solve their murders. Hagan will play the zombie’s mom, replacing Nora Dunn in the role, while Reyes has been cast as Lola Abano, an artist’s wife who is the prime suspect in his murder. Hagan is repped by Vox and , while Reyes is with and .


is returning to , this time possibly playing a love interest of Blaine’s. Adler played Dave Karofsky, a bully at the high school who was secretly gay and attempted suicide after being outed. Adler is repped by Justice & Ponder.

, , , , , and are all set to have cameos on this season. The animated comedy will air its upcoming 26th season Septembre 28.


, , and have been cast in , a miniseries from David Simon. The project centers on the youngest big city mayor in the country who gets embroiled in a racial controversy after a federal court orders him to build low income housing in the white neighborhoods of the town. Ryder, repped by Gersh and , will play Vinni Restiano, a councilwoman who lost her seat before making a comeback as the City Council President. Molina, repped by , and , has been cast as Councilman Hank Spallone, an ex-NYPD detective from the Bronx. Bernthal, repped by and , will play Michael H. Sussman, a Harvard educated lawyer who represented the NAACP in the fight.


will recur on the freshman legal comedy . The series follow a criminal court judge whose professional life is sometimes complicated by her wild, partying personal life. McPartlin will play one of her love interests, a fireman. He is repped by Gersh and .


has been cast in a major recurring role for the fourth season of . The comedy follows a pair of British writers who travel to the U.S. to run an American remake of their popular show. Savage will play the new network head, whose appearance complicates the characters’ lives. She is repped by and .

Sony Playstation Network

Sharto Copley and have been cast in freshman drama . Based on the graphic novel by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming, the series is set in a world where humans coexist with superhuman Powers, and follows a pair of homicide detectives tasked with investigating cases of a superhuman nature. Copley will play series lead Detective Christian Walker, a former Power who lost his abilities in a fight with a superhuman mass murderer. Forbes will play Retro Girl, a famous and beloved Power. Copley is repped by ; Forbes is repped by and .


and have been cast in the event series opposite Ben Kingsley. The project centers on King Tut, the youngest Pharaoh to ever rule Ancient Egypt. Deen will play Anke, Tut’s sister and wife, while Bunbury will play Suhad. Deen is repped by Authentic Talent, Bunbury is with ICM and .


has been promoted to series regular for the second season of . The series centers on a drug kingpin James St. Patrick who runs a nightclub as a front, and struggles to balance the two professions as he comes to realize that he wants to commit to his legitimate business. Ramirez plays Julio, second-in-command to St. Patrick’s brother. He is repped by and .


and will star in , a limited series space opera based on the book series. The series, set 200 years in our future, centers on the search for a missing young woman, which brings a detective and ship captain together in a race across space to locate her and expose a conspiracy. Strait will play the ship captain, while Aghdashloo has been cast as a member of a political legacy who rises through the ranks without being elected. Strait is repped by and , while Aghdashloo is with and .


will guest star on the upcoming season of . The medical drama centers on Hank, a consierge doctor in the Hamptons. The former soap opera actress has been cast as Olivia, Ray’s estranged wife. Minshew is repped by .

has signed on for the fifth season of . The series follows a young CIA agent as she struggles to balance her home life and her covert professional persona. Johnson will play a former CIA operative with a clear track record and strong morals. He is repped by and LINK Entertainment.


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