will recur on . The series is a prequel to Psycho and gives a portrayal of how Norman Bates’ (Freddie Highmore) psyche unravels through his teenage years. Leonard will play a community college psych professor who is pulled towards Norma (Vera Farmiga). He is repped by .


is joining the cast of MARVEL’S AGENT CARTER as Anton Vanko, the business partner of Howard Stark. Carter tells the original story of Agent Peggy Carter who starts working for the Strategic Scientific Reserve (SSR) in post World War II 1946. Ronin is repped by .

will guest star on . The freshman comedy chronicles the life of a Mexican-American law school graduate who must balance her chance to live the American Dream by working as an unpaid intern at a law firm, with the concerns of her family. Barr is set to play Veronica, an activist lawyer and wife to Trent (Sam McMurray). She is repped by Gersh and .


is joining the sixth season of . The British drama centers on the lives of the Crawley family and their servants, beginning in the years leading up to World War I. Goode is said to play a man who sweeps the increasingly imperious Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery) off her silk-stockinged feet. He is repped by .


will star in . The series follows Billy, who falls in love with his step-sister, Billie (Lisa Joyce). In addition to the normal trials and tribulations any young couple must face, the lovesick pair’s lives are further burdened by their relationship as step-siblings. Brody is repped by and .


has booked a recurring role on the upcoming third season of the period spy drama . The series follows a KGB couple living undercover as a sleeper cell for the Russians across the street from a savvy FBI agent. Garner has been cast as Kimberly Breland, a young woman who crossess paths with the Jennings. She is repped by and Authentic Management.


and have both joined the cast of . The limited series stars Christina Ricci as the notorious murderer who was acquitted of the double murder of her father and stepmother in 1892. Schram will play Nancy O’Keefe, an abitious actress who befriends Lizzie after one of her performances, while Banks has been cast as Mr. Flowers, Lizzie’s business associate, a crime kingpin who manages an extortion ring. Schram is repped by and ; Banks is repped by Talent and .


has landed the lead on . The drama series, based on the books written by Terry Brooks, cetners on the Shannara family thousands of years after the destruction of our civilization, whose decendents have ancient magic that allows them to re-shape the future of the world. Drayton will play Amberle, an Elven Princess who is the first female to be accepted as one of the Chosen, a group of Elves who protect the Ellcrys tree. She is repped by Gersh and .


is joining for a multi-episode arc. He is set to appear as Chief Boden’s (Eamonn Walker) father on the drama that follows the lives of firefighters in Chicago. Roundtree is repped by .


is joining as a series regular. Based on the book series by Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck, the sci-fi series follows the crew of a space ship who discover a derelict vessel which holds a secret that may be devastating to human existence. Tipper is repped by .


, , , and have booked series regular roles on . The character drama, written by Michelle Ashford, is set in the unpredictable and dangerous world of the Florida drug trade in teh 1970s. Hager, repped by the , the and the Characters Agency, has been cast as Luanne, a former beauty queen in a loveless marriage with a pot runner who is cheating on her with Siepser’s character, Kat Wiseman. Kat is a partner in a marijuana business. Arjona, repped by and Manager , plays Maria Zorilla, a vicious drug trafficker, while Jaenada has been cast as Jimeno, a pot dealer-turned-cocaine trafficker. Siepser is repped by Shelter Entertainment and Jaenada is repped by .

is set to star in the pilot, written by Chris Black and directed by Joe Johnson. The series follows the famous author of a best-selling series of fantasy books who suddenly disappears, and a family of four finds themselves transported to the mystical alternate world that inspired her work. Jaeger will play Michael Hartman, the stepfather of 16-year-old whose obsession with finding the author thrusts his family into the surreal world of Lumen. Jaeger is repped by and .


and . are set to star in . The supernatural drama pilot centers on an upstanding family man whose life is turned upside down when he’s approached by a powerful entitiy and commanded to kill “evil men” or see his family and his city completely destroyed. Roberts will play the family man, Harry Killas, while Collins has been cast as Lazlo Kirk, an evil former war criminal who forces himself into Harry’s life on a mission of personal redemption. Roberts is repped by and , Collins is repped by and .

has landed a guest-starring role on . The comedy follows three Chicago EMTs who, despite their narcissistic and self-destructive personalities, are uniquely qualified to save lives. Knight will play a bachelor named Richard who is so afraid of hospitals that it takes the desperate pleading of a friend to seek treatment for a stomach-turning leg injury. He is repped by .

WGN America

Thomas M. Wright has been cast in a lead role on . The drama centers on the Farrell clan, a family of outisders who have lived in the hills of Appalachia for generations and will do anything in their power to protect their world and defend their way of life. Wright has been cast as Sheriff Houghton, a bureaucrat who is a good police officer but is also a deeply troubled man. Wright is repped by and .


and have been cast in the sixth season of . Brewster is set to play Francesca, a consultant who is brought in to help shape up the school. David will play Elroy Patashnik, a retired scientist working on reinventing himself. Brewster is repped by and . David is repped by and Silver Mine Entertainment.


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