has been cast in a recurring role on . The series explores a group of heroes from fairytale legend that do battle with characters from fairytale worlds and beyond. Dungey will portray the classic “Little Mermaid” villain, Ursula the sea witch. The character was previously voiced by Yvette Nicole Brown during a season three episode featuring Ariel. Dungey is repped by Gersh and .

has been cast on the upcoming season of . The drama series centers on the daughter of a framed executive who makes it her mission to infiltrate upper Hamptons society and exact revenge on the people who set her father up. Flanagan has been cast as Malcolm Black, a psychopath who will stop at nothing to protect his family and his assets. Flanagan is repped by TCA/Jed Root and .

has booked a guest role on . Pigott will play Lyman Ellis, Louise’s brother and a driven politician. He is repped by and .


will gust star in the Christmas episode of the freshman comedy series . The series explores the antics of the McCarthys, a close-knit working class Boston family that’s obsessed with sports. The “How I Met Your Mother” star will portray Pam, a sweet, but heartbroken tenant that becomes shocked by the MacCathy family’s aggressive dynamic. She is repped by

has booked a guest-starring role on . The series centers around a group of crime scene investigators in New Orleans. Thorne will portray Sasha, the daughter of a mob boss, who runs a nonprofit charity organization. After her friend is accused of murder, Sasha must work with the investigators to prove her friend’s innocence. Thorne is repped by Gersh and .

will be a guest star on the comedy . The freshman series centers on a sports crazed Irish Catholic family who are loud but lovable. Kaczmarek will play Eileen, Laurie Metcalf’s sister who visits with her impressive family, trying to one-up the McCarthys. Kaczmarek is repped by ICM and and Production.

has booked a multi-episode recurring role on . The series follows a modern-day Sherlock Holmes and his assistant Watson as they solve crimes in contemporary NYC. Townsend will play Del, Joan Watson’s new boss and possible love interest. Townsend is repped by .


, , , and have all been cast in . Executive produced by Robert Kirkman, the series follows a young man plagued by a demonic possession who begins a journey to find answers but ends up uncovering something that could lead to the end of life on Earth as we know it. Cathey is repped by , Crockett is repped by , Schmidt is repped by ICM and Davis Spylios , Pardue is repped by and .

Comedy Central

is set to appear on . The comedy series follows a critic who takes aim at everything from divorce to anonymous sex to criminal activity in lieu of any food or cinema to criticize. Tolman will play Marisa, a nurse who becomes involved with blackmail. She is repped by and .


is set to guest star on . The comedy centers on four commitment-phobes who are forced together and form an unlikely bond in a small townhouse. Aselton has been cast as April, a fun-loving bisexual who gets caught in a romantic tug-of-war between two of the friends. Aselton is repped by ICM and .

will star in a one-season series regular role on . The serial killer drama follows a police detective that faces serial killers and cult murderers. Ealy will play a brilliant, chameleon-like killer. Ealy is repped by Gersh.


has been cast in Kurt Sutter’s . The drama project tells the story of a warrior knight who vows to lay down his sword after being broken by the horrors of war but is forced to go back on his promise when violence finds him again. No word yet on the role Sagal will play in the project. Sagal is repped by and .

has joined the cast of in a pivotal role. The series follows a doctor from the CDC and others who band together to fight a deadly spread of vampirism in NYC and the ancient evil that has brought it. Mathis will join the sophomore drama as Justine Feraldo, a tough-as-nails City Councilwoman for Staten Island who employs hardcore cops to eradicate the vampires from Staten Island.  Mathis is repped by  and .


has joined in a recurring role. The second season of the hit series follows a new group of characters solving a new mystery, more specifically, three detectives and a career criminal join forces to find the truth in a conspiracy behind a murder. Arjona will play girlie but practical Emily, the girlfriend of Taylor Kitsch’s character. She is repped by  and .

has a recurring role on . The comedy series follows a high tech start up company. Diamantopoulos has been cast as Russ Hanneman, a successful businessman who takes an interest in the company. He is repped by and Untitled.

has booked a guest starring role on the upcoming fourth season of . The comedy series stars Julia Louis-Dreyfus as the Vice who realizes the office isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Laurie is repped by and .

has joined the second season of . The second season of the series explores an entirely new characters solving an entirely new mystery. Smith will portray boyish sherrif’s deputySteve Mercier, the boyfriend to Rachel McAdams’s character. Smith is repped by Gersh and Sanders/Armstrong/Caserta .


After the brief glimpse of last season, it sounds like is bringing him back for its final season. Hamm will reprise his short role as the inept Parks employee, Ed. He is repped by and .

has landed a recurring role on . The series centers on a detective that can see monsters from fair tale legends and must use this power to stop them. Beauvais will portray Henrietta, a Hexenbiest who is a longtime family friend of Captain Renard. She’s currently slated to appear in three episodes with the possibility of more. She is repped by  and .


has been cast as the lead in CHILDHOOD’S END. The sci-fi miniseries chronicles the peaceful alien invasion of earth by the mysterious Overlords. Zukerman will play Jake Greggson, an American designer whose children start to possess psychic powers. He is repped by and Cohn/Torgan .

has also joined the cast of CHILDHOOD’S END. Ikhile will play Milo in the sci-fi series. He is repped by and .

and are set to join Thomas Jane and Steven Strait in . The sci-fi series tells the story of a detective and a rogue ship captain who team up to find a missing girl but find themselves entangled in an intergalactic conspiracy instead. Coleman will play Fred Johnson, a former Marine caught in a power struggle between Earth and Mars, while Harris has been cast as Anderson Dawes, a character who conflicts with Jane’s. Coleman is repped by and Vanguard , while Harris is repped by and Gateway Company.


has been booked as a recurring guest on . The series concerns a crew of survivors on the last naval destroyer that must find a way to save what’s left of humanity after a global pandemic. The sophomore mystery/drama will see Lavi star as Ravit Bivas, a trained Israeli soldier that can disappear undercover. Lavi is repped by and .


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