TV Pilot & Series Casting (11.27.13)



Sprague Grayden has joined the cast of THE FOLLOWING in a recurring role, while Gregg Henry will guest star. Grayden will play a reporter and best-selling author who tracks the Carroll/Havenport killings with a fervor. Henry will play Dr. Strauss, a man with a dark secret. Grayden has appeared in “Paranormal Activity 2” and “3” and stars in “Low Winter Sun.” She is repped by . Henry has appeared in the films “Slither” and “United 93” and is in AMC’s “The Killing.” He is with Talent.


Amy Brenneman has joined the cast of REIGN. She will play the mother of Mary Queen of Scots, Marie de Guise. Brenneman starred in “Judging Amy” and “Private Practice” and is repped by .

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Wilmer Valderrama has joined the cast of DUSK TILL DAWN: THE SERIES. The series centers on bank-robbing brothers who are tracked by the FBI and Texas Rangers after a bank heist leaves a slew of people dead. Valderrama will play Carlos Madrigal, the crime lord behind the heists. Valderrama is best known as Fes from “That 70’s Show” and is repped by .


Adam Brody will guest star on NEW GIRL. He will play a former lover of Jess’. “The O.C.” star has recently appeared on “House of Lies” and “Burning Love” and is repped by .


Katherine Willis has jumped aboard the pilot drama DELIVERANCE CREEK, which is set at the end of the Civil War and revolves around Belle Barlowe who attempts to defend her family’s land by any means necessary. Willis will play Cordelia, a powerful and imposing woman who owns the local bank. She last appeared in “The Lying Game” and is repped by .


Melissa Ponzio has snagged a recurring role in CHICAGO FIRE. She’ll play Donna, a love interest to Chief Wallace Boden. She last appeared in “The Walking Dead” and is repped by Talent.

Kevin Ryan has landed a role in the upcoming CROSSBONES, which is a new pirate drama. He’ll play Finnegan, a heavily-tattooed, hard and solemn pirate with a scar across one eye, who becomes involved with Blackbeard. He’s best known for the recently cancelled “Copper” and is repped by Resolution.

Sundance Channel

Lisa Bonet will have an arc on the upcoming season of THE RED ROAD. Martin Henderson stars as a sheriff trying to balance his family life with policing two rival warring towns. Bonet will play Sky Van Der Veen, a Native American woman who seeks justice when a crime is committed against a member of her tribe. Bonet got her start on “The Cosby Show” and will next star in the indie film “Road to Paloma.” She is managed by .


Kirk Acevedo has joined the cast of 12 MONKEYS. He’ll play Ramse, Cole’s closest friend in the apocalyptic future. He’s clever and fiercely loyal and helped Cole survive the destruction of civilization. Acevedo is best known for “Fringe” and now “The Walking Dead.”


Tom Ellis has landed the lead role in RUSH, with Rick Gonzalez also securing a spot in the show. Ellis plays Dr. William Rush, who is not attached to any hospital, but treats any patients discreetly as long as they can pay the cash only price. Gonzalez will play Manny Maquis, a drug dealer who considers Dr. Rush a friend and client. Ellis starred in the series “Miranda” and is repped by “Hamilton Hodell.” Gonzalez has had roles in “Coach Carter”, “War of the Worlds” and “Guilt Trip” and is repped by Talent.


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