TV Sales, Greenlights, Attachments & Renewals (11.09.12)



Disney is developing a psuedo-sequel to the hit series “Boy Meets World” titled . The project centers on the preteen daughter of Cory and Topanga who, in the orignal series, married.

ABC has purchased from , who will write and exec produce. The project is based on the BBC2 series of the same name and follows two female rookie cops trying to prove themselves in the male dominated police force. Jeff Ingold will exec produce with Lawrence, who is repped by ICM.

Starz will develop , based on Diana Gabaldon’s book series of the same name. will write the series, which follows a WWII nurse who travels back in time to 1743 and falls in love with a Scottish warrior, despite the fact that she is in love with a man from her WWII time period. Moore is repped by .

NBC has purchased two comedy projects. The first, from writer , follows a married couple with children and flashed back to their teenage days in the 1980’s when they were dealing with their parents. Peter Traugott will executive produce with Lowell, who is repped by . NBC has also purchased written by Kat Coiro () and based on teh book of the same name by . The project centers on a dysfunctional family that still has adult children living at home.

has sold a project titled to ABC. The series follows the relationship between a 22-year-old and 32-year-old and the differences between their generations. Cody is repped by .

Fox bought drama from writer . The project focuses on a brilliant and dangerous prisoner who is given a chance to reduce his sentence when the FBI recruits him to partner up with a book-smart but painfully naive agent to infiltrate and dismantle a criminal empire on the outside. Mirren, repped by , will executive produce with Seth Gordon.

Writers and have sold a drama to NBC called . The project follows a team of misfit lawyers who start their own practice. Alberghini and Chessler, repped by , will executive produce with Stephanie Davis, Seth Gordon and Jamie Tarses.

Fox has purchased a surfing drama, , from writer . The project focuses on a 16-year-old girl with a troubled and mysterious past who is sent to a surfing town to live with the father she’s never known. Gary Randall and Tim Bogart will executive produce. Chandler is repped by .

will write and become showrunner (should it get picked up) , based on the upcoming book by Jen Lancaster. The project, in the vein of “Julie and Julia”, centers on a highly disorganized, scattered former party girl who decides she needs to grow up and become a better role model for her daughter and write a new book about changing her life according to the “teachings” of Martha Stewart. Stewart and Winsberg will executive produce with Brian Grazer and Francie Calfo. Winsberg is repped by .

The CW has purchased drama from writer/executive . The project, centering on a recently married young woman who joins the Junior League who wants to change the system, is set in a boozy Midwest country club circa 1972, when the Equal Rights Amendment had just passed the Congress to begin a long and difficult process of state ratification. Mila Kunis, Lisa Sterbakov, Cami Curtis and Susan Curtis will also executive produce.

NBC has purchased the comedy from . The project centers on a mid-thirties woman with arrested who begins a relationship with a twenty year old college student. Jesse Peretz will direct and exec produce with Rushfield and Anthony Bregman. Rushfield is repped by .

and have sold to CBS. The project centers on a man who finds a box of tapes he left himself as a ten-year-old instructing him now not to grow up and be a “boring adult”. Susser and Robichaux will exec produce with Jeff and Jackie Filgo. The are repped by .

has sold to ABC, which she will exec produce with , and . The project follows two half-sisters trying to keep their family furniture store afloat. Feimster is repped by Gersh.

CW has put into . Written by , who will exec produce with Taylor Hackford, the project centers on the young people who live on the Norfolk Naval Base. Gamble is repped by .

has sold projects to Fox and NBC. The project at Fox, titled , follows NYC cops posing as taxi drivers. The NBC project, titled , is centered on a big city hospital’s trauma center. Evans is repped by Gersh.

HBO has put an English remake of the French series into with Mark Wahlberg and Stephen Levinson producing. will write the for the project, which is set in Paris in 1871 where three women working at a luxurious brothel try to escape their lives of prostitution. Sarnoff is repped by .

CBS will be producing the comedy MOTHER’S DAY, based on the Israeli series. and will write the for the project, which follows a 40-year-old mother and wife who continually lies to get her way in and out of situations. The pair will also exec produce with the orignal series creators Daniela London-Dekel and Dana Eden. Both are repped by .


Disney XD has renewed their martial arts series KICKIN IT’. The series follows a band of students at the fictional Bobby Wasabi Martial Arts Academy and their lives outside of training. Jim O’Doherty and J.J. Wall executive produce.

USA has renewed its hit series for a seventh season. With its new season, the series will hit the 100-episode mark.

, which is about to open its second season, has been renewed for a third, thirteen-episode season as well.

NBC’s hit series has received a full-series pick-up.

Animated comedy has been picked up for a second season by central. The series, exec produced by Daniel Tosh, follows dysfunctional park rangers at a low-level national park.

CW’s has received a full season order. Based on the 1980’s series of the same name, it is following in the footsteps of CW’s hit series, “Arrow”, which was also upgraded.

has been picked up by Syfy for a fourth season. The series is currently in first place amongst adults for its 10-11 pm time slot on Fridays.


will serve as a co-writer, executive and showrunner on the series , the comedy series based on the Tumblr blog of which follows up-and-coming twenty-year-olds new to the real world. Lowell is repped by .

and have been upgraded to exec and showrunners of Fox’s . They will run the series with the show’s creator, Dana Fox.


NBC has given the greenlight to , a comedy pilot from and . Based off a British series of the same name, the project revolves around parents, teachers and students waiting for fifteen minutes for the school day to end. Yuspa and Goldsmith wrote and will exec produce with Aaron Kaplan, Laurence Bowen and Philip Clarke. Yuspa and Goldsmith are repped by ICM.


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