ABC has handed out a pilot order for the previous untitled 1/2 hour comedy from writer/exec producer . Series, which centers on a group of guys are all at different stages of romantic relationships, will also be exec produced by and .

ABC has also picked up, and handed a pilot commitment to new laugher from writers/exec producers and . Series, which is based on the writers’ lives, centers on a couple who find themselves dealing with their two sets of parents whose only thing in common is that their children are married to each other. The couple’s one-year-old brings the two opposing families together.

ABC is making another push towards mini-series events, picking up the planned 8-hour mini from writer/exec producer Erik Jendersen. Series, which is based on the book of the same name from writer , offers an alternate look at the land of Oz, where the true heroine is wrongfully cast as the “wicked” witch and actually turns out to be a freedom fighter who battles against the wizard for her homeland. and also exec produce.

has decided they had a winner, and handed out a series order to previous untitled comedy from writer/exec producer . Series, which and also exec produce, revolves around the challenges and humiliations as well as the triumphs of being a 20-something female in the city.


has surprised no one, and handed out a fifth season renewal for critically acclaimed drama .

already made it abundantly clear that they were going to renew for a second season, however apparently only made the “announcement” this past week.


While not a cancellation, so much as a failure to get picked up, the once promising excitement behind the planned series has disappeared, with no networks willing to step to the plate and give the show a chance. Kelley has in-turn, shelved the project.

THE HISTORY CHANNEL has pulled a head-scratching move, and decided (one day after the release of the trailer) to pull the Katie Holmes, Greg Kinnear, Barry Pepper, Tom Wilkinson-starring mini-series , due to not feeling it fit their audience demographic. The move, which left every network in town surprised, now has several placing offers to pick it up – Showtime the current frontrunner.


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