ABC has moved to pick up the new 1-hour drama pilot MAP, MYTH, BONE from writer/executive producer . The series, which centers on a recent high-school grad who must uncover a long sought-after treasure in order to save his amateur archaeologist father’s life, will also be executive produced by .

CBS has made a deal to pick up single-camera comedy from writer/executive producer . Series, which is set in a tiny upstate town, centers on newly elected Town Judge Carly Vanderwitt, as she tries to balance the townspeople’s agendas and conflicts, while also trying to deal with her own quirky family. will also exec produce.

has locked it up, securing the rights to the film , and committing to a 13-episode order to be developed for film and by executive producer , and . The project will center on the same character from the films – Frank Martin, and will follow the same premise as well — a professional transporter operating in a seedy underworld of dangerous criminals lives and dies by three rules: never change the deal, no names and never open the package.

FOX has made a move to pick up the single-cam comedy from writer/executive producer . The series, which centers on a quirky neighborhood dance studio run by larger-than-life ballroom aces Ray and Lillian Del Mar, will be exec produced by .

has picked up the period drama from writer/exec producer . The series, which is set during the Golden Age of Hollywood, centers on estranged brothers and long-time rivals Benjamin and Sam Lawton, who are forced into an uneasy alliance after their father dies, leaving them in charge of the movie studio he founded. will also exec produce.

has put into the crime drama film to be turned into a series. The project, which has just added director to develop and direct, as well as to star, centers on English gangster Harold, who on the verge of becoming the biggest kingpin in all of the UK, ends up going to war with the IRA on his own turf.

and have pushed into the new crime thriller series . The series, which will be based on the true story of the “Pink Panthers” Balkan gang, will watch as the crime ring grows across Europe through the eyes of three separate POVS – a Serbian member of the Pink Panthers, a U.K. loss adjuster embroiled in the jewelry trade and a high-ranked femme cop from the French gang repression unit. Executive and are currently seeking a / team to tackle the first season.


has made it official (albeit with some grumblings) and ordered up a fifth season of network standout .

FX jumped one day early, handing out a third season order for just announced Peabody Award winner .

FX has also handed out a third season order for the audience-building animation .


has pulled the plug on their drama series after a three year run.


has signed on to helm the 8-part mini-series for and . The project is the sequel to the “Pillars of the Earth” mini.

and have partnered up to produce the new animated series (and comic book series) . The series will follow Schwarzenegger, as he ends his term as Governor of California, and decides to become a crime fighting superhero.


has signed a 2-script deal with ABC. Under his deal he will be two original for the network, and may be tapped for executive producing duties on a new series as determined.


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