ABC will be producing the comedy series , an adaptation of the New Zealand series of the same name. The American adaptation of the show will be directed by its New Zealander vet and produced by , another series vet, alongside of . The show’s original writer and actress  will continue on in the same capacity in this new adaptation.

Also coming up is an as-of-yet . The show stars TV vet who, alongside , will also be executive producing. The show follows three older buddies whom take it upon themselves to move into a bachelor pad near their children and grandchildren.

SYFY has a host of new original series in – in fact, the network currently has it’s largest-ever slate. First up is the -penned , starring and . The series revolves around a team of  scientists and military operatives who must back in time to change the future. will direct with , , and executive producing.

Next on the list is , and yes, it’s based on the Matt Damon flick of the same name. The series will be written by  and , and executie produced by , MRC (), Slavkin and Swimmer.

, based on John Christopher’s novel “The Lotus Caves”, follows inhabitants of moon colonies after a new lifeform is discovered. The series will be penned by and , who will also executive produce alongside .

The as-of-yet- is based on the DC Comic character Booster Gold – a washed-up athlete from the future who travels back in time, hoping to be a superhero. will write and executive produce alongside and .

, about a detective who is killed and returns as a ghost, has writers and with executive producers Slack, , and .

In , a starship is sent on a goodwill mission that quickly goes wrong. will both write and executive produce.

A clan of aliens whom have been hiding out on Earth, disguised as humans, must determine whether or not to reveal themselves in . will pen the series and executive produce alongside  and .

Syfy will  also be adapting a book series from Charlaine Harris (the author who penned True Blood) called , about a teenager who gains special powers after being struck by lightning. will be writing while Universal Cable Productions is producing.


has signed a two-year deal with Universal after four seasons as a co-showrunner on Showtime’s “Nurse Jackie”. Brixius, also co-creator of the darkly comedic show, recently wrote the Katherine Heigl-starring feature “One for the Money”.

, the writer and co-exec-producer of “The Good Wife”, has signed an overall deal with CBS. In addition to being promoted to executive producer for the upcoming fourth season of the show, Humphrey will develop other projects for CBS.


ABC Family has renewed its twist-laden drama for a second season.


Josh Safran, producer of “Gossip Girl” on CW, has joined up as showrunner for the NBC musical drama after the departure of former runner Theresa Rebeck.


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