This one is going to be a doozy, and a doozy that is updated throughout the day, so get ready…


ABC has announced series pickups for: period drama PAN AM, (aka: ), the reboot of CHARLIE’S ANGELS, the Tim Allen starring , (aka: DON’T TRUST THE BITCH IN APARTMENT 23), The Count of Monte Cristo-inspired , The fantasy drama , the Sci-fi adventure , the cross-dressing comedy , the Shonda Rhimes drama (aka: ), the suburbs comedy and the single-cam comedy .

CBS has announced series pickups for: JJ Abrams-produced , the Michael Patrick King/Whitney Cummings comedy .

CW has announced the pickup of Sarah Michelle Gellar pilot series , which was previously set up with CBS.

FOX has announced series pickups for pilots: the Zooey Deschanel-starrer , the “Bones” spinoff , The JJ Abrams-produced , the comedy and the animated series .

FX has announced they are jumping into bed on the new project from writers/exec producers and . The series is pitched as a dark comedy that centers on an ex-con who uses a self-help book to inspire him to become a better criminal.

LIONSGATE has tapped writer to adapt into a drama series the book . The series, which is pitched as a modern, bold and gritty interpretation of the pirate genre, is said to be in the vein of “Deadwood” on the high seas. and will executive produce.

NBC has announced series pickups for pilots: the WHITNEY (aka: UNTITLED WHITNEY CUMMINGS COMEDY), the Kyle Killen-created (aka: ), the fantasy cop drama , the Brit-reboot , the Steven Spielberg-produced/Debra Messing starring , the Christina Applegate-starring (aka: ), the period drama THE PLAYBOY CLUB (aka: PLAYBOY), the romantic comedy , and BFFS (aka: UNTITLED PARHAM/ST. CLAIR PROJECT), the Chelsea Handler project, ARE YOU THERE VODKA? IT’S ME CHELSEA and a second rom/com in .

SYFY has announced they are moving into on the from writer/exec producer . The series will center on the character of H.G. Wells in an 1890s steampunk world where Warehouse 12 existed.

has handed out a series order to Brian Austin Green/Harold Perrineau pilot .


ABC has announced a renewal for freshman comedy series , as well as , and though already announced has reiterated that they’ve picked up for new seasons: , , , , DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, GREY’S ANATOMY, and .

FOX has fulfilled its promise to renew network hit for an eight season.

has announced a third season pickup of series .

NBC has announced renewals of series , HARRY’S LAW, ,

has announced a second season renewal is underway for yet-to-premiere .


ABC has pulled the plug on pilots: OTHER PEOPLE’S KIDS, , , , , PARTNERS, , MY FREAKIN’ FAMILY, , LOST & FOUND.

ABC has pulled the plug on series: V, BROTHERS & SISTERS, , , and .

FOX has pulled the plug on pilots: , , , LOCKE & KEY and .

FOX has cancelled series: , , , and .

NBC has pulled the plug on pilots: , A MANN’S WORLD, , , , , (aka: .), , and , ,

NBC has cancelled series: LAW & ORDER: LOS ANGELES, , and .

has pulled the plug on pilots and BRAIN TRUST.


ABC is planning to rework the comedy pilot .

FOX has announced that while it is not pulling the plug on Ethan Hawke-starring pilot , it is going to rework it.

FOX is also still circling comedy pilot .

NBC is attempting to shop cancelled series to cable, as well as cancelled pilot A MANN’S WORLD.


has signed on to become executive producer/showrunner of new series .

and have signed on to become new executive producers and showrunners for CW on the new season of 90210.


has signed an exclusive overall 2-year/7-figure deal with FOX. As part of the deal, he will continue his showrunning duties on the upcoming “Terra Nova” as well as begin to develop new material for the network.

has signed an exclusive deal with ABC to develop new material for him to also star in.

and have joined forces to launch production company Darkfire, and in the process have signed an exclusive first look deal with FOX.

has renewed his exclusive 2-year/7-figure deal with ABC.


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