has announced series pickups for three new comedies, including: CHINA, IL from writer/exec and EP , THE HEART, SHE HOLLER, starring Patton Oswalt and from /exec and .

CBS has made it official, picking up to series the pilot (aka: ) from writer/executive . The series, which has also added as a showrunner and executive , centers on ultra-competitive surgeon Michael, whose life is changed forever when his ex-wife Anna dies and begins teaching him what life is all about from the hereafter.

CBS has announced a series pickup for new cop drama THE 2-2 (aka: ) from writer/exec . The series, which will also be exec produced by , , , , , and , centers on six NYPD rookies who learn to balance their personal lives with working the streets of Manhattan.

CBS has also announced a series order for new drama (aka: ) from writer/exec . The series, which is also exec produced by , and , centers on a NYPD detective who has the ability to remember everything.

CBS has also given a season pickup to laugher from writer/exec and star . The series, which will also be exec produced by , and and , follows an unlikely friendship between a traditional, uptight columnist and his rough-around-the-edges friend and personal trainer.

CW has announced a series order for two new pilots, including from /exec and and from writer/exec and EPs & .

has handed out a pilot order for new comedy from writer/exec . The series, which will star , centers on Gulliver Quinn, a grown man enrolled in the seventh grade after his family returns from a 15-year research expedition. Heder and will also exec produce.

FOX has announced plans to move ahead with an animated reboot of THE FLINSTONES from writer/exec . The series will also be exec produced by and .

NICKELODEON has picked up a 20+ episode first season of new series from writer/exec Jim O’Doherty. The series, which will also be exec produced by , and , centers on a teen girl who after a falling out with the ban she formed with her best friends, becomes the lead singer of another pop/hip hop band, which becomes the rivals of her original band.

SYFY has announced a multi-season pick up of Canadian supernatural series . The series, which stars as a demon seductress who feeds off sexual energy, follows her as she is forced to chose between humans and the supernatural, but instead opts to take the middle road and protect others while exploring the secrets of her origin.

has announced their new in- slate, which includes:

  • — Set in the suburbs of Illinois, this one-hour comedy follows a newly engaged couple embarking on their journey to the altar. Pete, the hero and the ultimate guy’s guy, decides it’s time to man up, much to the chagrin of his immature friends. An American Couple comes to from Warner Horizon , Conaco, writer and executive Mike O’Malley (Glee) and executive , Conan O’Brien and .
  • — Anchored by lead detective Emerson Slade, this single-camera comedy spoofs cop and detective shows. The half-hour series centers on an elite force of great minds who solve crimes while working together as a dysfunctional family. The project comes to from Warner Horizon , Conaco, writer and executive (Terriers) and executive , Conan O’Brien and .
  • — When Milo is thrust into single life after discovering his girlfriend has been cheating, he finds comfort in three best friends who help reinvent his manhood with the promise of sex, alcohol and some serious bromance. This half-hour series is written and executive-produced by (Franklin & Bash, Robot Chicken).

has announced their hefty new in- slate, which will include:

  • — Set against the backdrop of the Pacific Northwest, this drama follows a family of cops who uncover the mystical and often crime-ridden world of a small town where things aren’t as they appear. The project comes to from Warner Horizon , and John Wells.
  • — A search-and-rescue officer braves the harshest conditions with her best friend and partner, a Labrador retriever. Based on the book of the same name, Scent of the Missing comes to from CBS and executive (Bones) and (CSI) and (Take The Lead) and (The Good Girl).
  • — In a nation still healing from the Civil War, lawlessness rules the small towns of the Old West. Three brothers bound by duty, honor and self-preservation take a stand. Together, they fight to survive and thrive — all in a small town called Gateway. The series comes to from Warner Horizon , (The Pacific, Band of Brothers), (CSI) and (House, CSI).
  • — A daydreaming police clerk’s overactive imagination isn’t just a way to escape her mundane work life. It’s also her mind’s way of helping detectives solve crime. The project comes to from Warner Horizon , (Matchstick Men) and executive (Terminator Salvation, the Charlie’s Angels ) and (Supernatural) of Wonderland Sound and Vision (Supernatural, Chuck, The O.C.).
  • — Based on the character from the Laura Lippman series of books, this drama centers on Tess Monaghan, a former newspaper reporter who has become a private eye in the tough city of Baltimore. The project comes to from (Gangs of ) and ’s Ostar Productions (Rizzoli & Isles).
  • — When a hot Southern mess of a family takes in their widowed daughter-in-law and her gifted young son, these vibrant characters all in their own way come to learn that it’s not the family you’re born into that counts but the family you make. This emotional comedy/drama, set in and around the bucolic town of Franklin, Tenn., comes to from executive (According to Jim), and (Roar, Invasion).
  • — Set in a Detroit radio station, this drama follows a station manager who, against his wishes, returns home to try and breathe life into his struggling city. The project comes to from best-selling author and columnist (Tuesdays with Morrie).
  • — Should she settle down and have a family? Or jump out of a plane while retrieving a priceless artifact? This hero finds herself at the ultimate crossroads of domesticity and a full-throttle adrenaline rush. Snatched comes to from Prospect Park and and Craig W. Van Sickle (Tin Man).
  • — The Command centers on an elite and real squad of detectives within the City police department — Borough Command. Cherry-picked by one commanding officer, these detectives get only the toughest, highest-profile and most-unsolvable cases. The best detectives, the hardest cases. The Command comes to from Cineflix ; director/executive (Shooter, Training Day); /executive (Resistance, Elf) and (Ash Tuesday); and (War).
  • — Enigma is a modern-day mystery-of-the-week in the vein of Sherlock Holmes. The project comes to from CBS and (CSI), and (Waking the Dead), who will write the pilot script.


CBS has announced a series renewal for laugher .

CW has announced a 2nd season renewal for thriller .

CW has also announced a 9th season renewal for drama ONE TREE HILL.

SHOWTIME has announced a 4th season renewal for .

has announced new renewals (and reiterated older announcements) for RIZZOLI & ISLES, , , , , and .


has decided not to order any of the pilots in contention this year, including: , , , , and .

CW has given the ax to under-performing series .

CW has also pulled the plug on pilots: , , and .

CBS has pulled the plug on series: S#!* MY DAD SAYS, and .

SHOWTIME has pulled the plug on Diablo Cody/Steven Spielberg project UNITED STATES OF TARA, wrapping it up after the third season completes.


and have signed on to become executive and showrunners for the new ABC series GOOD CHRISTIAN BELLES (aka: GOOD CHRISTIAN BITCHES).

has signed on to become the new showrunner for the upcoming season of CBS cop drama .

has signed on as writer/exec for the new season of FOX series .

has been tapped to replace the departing as showrunner and executive of the new season of series .


has signed a blind script deal with ABC, which will see her develop the new project for company Tagline.

has signed an exclusive deal with CBS to develop new under his banner.



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