Instead of recapping a weeks worth of SALES & ATTACHMENTS and scattering them along the past week, I thought it best to deliver all of the info in one new post! So, here we go…


FOX is readying a single-cam comedy for director . New series will be an ensemble-based workplace comedy in the world of political campaigning. will write, and exec produce alongside Webb.

FOX has snatched up new high-concept thriller from scribe . Series, which and will produce with Vaughan, will follow a documentary crew as they film working class heroes who exterminate alien threats in deep space.

FOX has won the fire-hot bidding war for , handing out a hefty pilot commitment for the single-cam family comedy from writer/exec producer and exec producers and .

FOX has picked up new actioner from writer and exec producer . Series, which centers on a man trying to unravel who he really is, is pitched as being in the vein of “The Fugitive”.

FOX is ready to hedge their bets on new legal series from producers , and . Series, which will star in, and co-write with , centers on two lawyer friends, one black and one white, who who run a small storefront law firm specializing in ambulance chasing and defending the defenseless.

FOX has bought new from writer , and exec producers and . Series centers on a detective physician.

FOX has gone hot on animation, buying up three new animation series – , and .  Cal, which centers on a family that looks to escape the technology-driven world by finding a more laid-back existence in Southern California, comes from , exec producers and . Swell, which surrounds a perfect 1950s family, that is magically transported to the present, stems from and , who also exec produce with and .  Meanwhile, Slacker, which centers on two bizarre brothers who disturb a peaceful suburban neighborhood when they move in, comes from and , and will be produced by and .

FOX has commited to and , the duo who will exec produce the new scripted comedy , which will tell the of a legal procedural about a young prosecutor who finds herself caught between two realities: one in which she is an incredible trial lawyer, and another in which she is the one on trial.

NBC has won a heated bidding war to snatch up the supernatural rom/com from writer/creator/exec producers and . Series, which was given a pilot order as part of the deal, will star as a young woman in who can talk to the dead. Schwartz, Myers, and will produce under the banner.

NBC has picked up the pilot for a contemporary retelling of , which writer has described as being a mix between “Modern Family” and “True Blood”. Series also has Guillermo Del Toro circling in a producing capacity.

NBC has picked up the which writer will exec produce alongside .

NBC has said yes to The male ensemble laugher from writer .

NBC has picked up the adaptation of the non-fiction book , from and . Duo will exec produce this project alongside , that landed a hefty 7-figure penalty in part of the package.

has finalized a deal for , a new series which will be adapted from the Nine Inch Nails music album of the same name. Nails’ frontman will exec produce the series adapted by writer , alongside and .

ABC has jumped into the game, picking up the , a new series which will center on three branches of an extended family — as told through the eyes of their three Latina nannies.  Series, written by , will be exec produced by Lopez, and .

ABC has committed to the from writer , which will also see him star as an actor who plays America’s favorite dad in a sitcom — but whose family is not nearly as functional in real life.   will exec produce with Wayans.

ABC has bought the , which will write and exec produce alongside and her Fanfare company.

ABC has picked up the project from writer and fellow co-exec producers and . Project centers on one of LA’s top female prosecutors who decides to take the law into her own hands.

ABC has jumped to pick up a female-centered spy show described as Taken meets The Bourne Identity from writer/producers , and . New UNTITLED ABC SPY DRAMA is already out to , with network circling an order of 3-5 more .

ABC has snatched up rights to () from producers , and his company Electus. Series, which will adapt from the Latin American series before it will focus on a multi-cultural and multi-generational cast in the tone of Modern Family, and will be set in an apartment building in which an old school father and his corner-cutting son who must somehow work together to manage the outrageously eccentric tenants of the building that has been in their family for generations.

CBS has picked up , based on the unpublished manuscript from . will produce the series alongside , which centers on a man suffering from middle-child syndrome who is determined to spare his own middle child of the same fate.

CBS has also picked up the project from writer , which he will produce with and .

CW has picked up rights to ’s book , which writer will write and exec produce alongside , and attached director .

CW has finalized a deal and a pilot commitment for , a one-hour dramedy based on the German series of the same name. will write and exec produce the series about a hairdresser who after making it through law school, graduates only to find law firms aren’t interested in her type. Not letting that persuade her, she decides to set up her very own legal practice in a small shopping mall kiosk.

NICKELODEON has picked up new live-action comedy series from /creators and , and will be produced by and .

has added the to their slate from scribe .  Series, whic Sardo will exec produce with , centers on a woman who moves to Philadelphia to work as chief of staff in the psychiatry department alongside her sister and a diverse staff.


ABC FAMILY has renewed freshman series , with what is expected to be an additional 10-12 episode order.

SyFy has made an early move to renew for another season.


ABC FAMILY has pulled the plug on new series , starring Nikki Blonsky.

FOX has officially terminated the critically lauded, little watched series .

ABC has canceled its documentary-style ensemble drama after only two episodes.


Overbrook Entertainment and has partnered with to adapt the hit 2005 romantic comedy , for . and will produce alongside Sony Pictures .

has signed on to write and produce a pilot for based on the DC comic book character of the same name. Kelly will work on the pilot for , before bringing it to networks.


ABC FAMILY has greenlit 4 new pilots, , , and .

has greenlit a pilot for new series , from writer and co-exec producer . Series centers on Jane Bilinksi, whose unhappily married motherhood is suddenly given a jolt when the FBI enlists her to spy on a computer technician the government suspects is selling top-secret information to Russia. A man who also happens to be her husband.


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