ABC has picked up , the Americanized reboot of the Argentinean series of the same name from /exec and , and exec and .  Series, which will be produced by Ventanarosa, centers on a normal everyday blue-collar man who saves the life of a wealthy woman, who in-turn hires him to run her company — much to the chagrin of her family.

ABC has made a deal to adapt the New Zealand series “Go Girls” for an American take in the from writer . Series, which will be exec produced by , centers on a single man and his three single female friends, all in their early 30s, trying to find relationships, while all their other college friends are off starting families.

ABC has won a bidding war to snag the new actioner drama the UNTITLED REIFF/VORIS ACTION PROJECT from writer/exec and , and exec and . Pilot, which is pitched as “Red” meets “The Expendables,” is being described as a fun action/adventure that centers on a team of old-school CIA Ops, who back in the day, won the Cold War of the 80’s, but were then forced out due to budget issues, and are now being brought in from forced retirement, to work for a new Special Ops division, that just so happens to be runs by the team leader’s estranged daughter.

FX has snatched up from writer/exec . Series, which is exec produced by and , is pitched as a comedic, yet edgy, medical series set in the worst public hospital in America, located in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

has jumped into on the comedic from writer/exec , and exec /star .  Series, which is pitched as a female take on the “40 Year Old Virgin,” will center on a woman, who after becoming a nun after a rough break up at age 18, decides at age 40 she wants to get back into the world, thus re-entering society as a 40-year old woman with the mind of an 18-year old.   also exec produces.


While not out just yet, two shows have had their networks quickly looking for exit strategies…

CW has decided not to pick up a backend order for the second season of , leaving the season at a short order, which is looking more and more like it’s last.

CBS has announced will be moving into the Friday 8pm slot once “Medium” officially finishes it’s last season run in one of the least watched timeslots.  Already underperforming Defenders, will need more then a miracle to make it past this season.


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