FOX has bought the from writers/exec producers and . , which and will also exec produce, centers on a father and son who both come out of divorces newly single at the same time, and end up living together, exploring the dating world at the same time.

has ordered a pilot for the new comedy series from writer/director/exec /star . , which will also see , , and exec produce, centers on a documentary filmmaker (Theroux) who tracks down his filmmaking idol (Steve Coogan), and decides to make a film about his attempted return to the spotlight.

NBC has moved quick to pick up the action/drama project from writer/exec . , which is based on the comic book title of the same name from creators , , and Mike O’Sullivan, centers on a twentysomething guy in NYC who spends every waking hour working, so he decides to enroll in a testing program for a drug that eliminates the need of sleep, only to find himself quickly becoming addicted to it, which helps him complete more, but leads to serious and irreversible consequences. and will exec produce alongside Ventimiglia, Cundiff, Levens, and .

NBC has snagged comedy ARE YOU THERE VODKA? IT’S ME, CHELSEA from writers/exec producers and . , which is based on the comical autobiography “Are You There, Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea” from , will center on a 20-something woman named Chelsea, who while not pursuing the same career path of Handler, will carry the same fun, free, and party-loving sensibilities. and will also exec produce with Handler.

NBC has also picked up the UNTITLED MPK HAIRDRESSER PROJECT from writer/exec , giving it a pilot commitment in the process. , which went out as a spec, will explore mens struggles with aging, as seen in the eyes of a straight Beverly Hills hairdresser in his 50s, who is doing everything he can to stay young and relevant in a place where looks mean everything.

has handed out three pilot orders to some of their new shows in , including EDEN, and .

EDEN, from writers and , centers on a young hotel worker who, with the help of his escaped con artist cousin, gets a as the concierge at an elite NYC hotel, where together they manage to provide the hotel guests with whatever they desire, at whatever the cost.

, from writer , is pitched as a witty procedural about two very different Las Vegas lawyers, who handle the type of problems that happen after the sun goes down, but need to be solved before the sun the comes up. exec produces alongside Godchaux.

, from writer , centers on a successful day trader, with a nasty gambling addiction, who the day after losing a fortune on a bad gamble, loses million for the firm he works for trying to make enough to bail himself out. Quickly fired, now the man and his wife retreat the busy lifestyle (and dangers) behind, and find a nice little neighborhood, where the man finds an unlikely partner to help get his life back on track. exec produces with Callaghan.


Not exactly a renewal, but based on the monster success of the Halloween episode of , NBC has quickly gone ahead and ordered 2 more episodes of the hit series.


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