ABC has quickly come aboard the new drama project from writer/exec .  Series, which is pitched as a primetime soap along the USA/Mexico border, will center on two wealthy families – one in Mexico, and the other in Texas, who are forever in a struggle for power, land, sex and legacy.  Series will also be exec produced by , , and .

ABC has also sent a second project into , picking up from /exec and , and exec Longoria, and . Series will center on four women who are the best of friends, and when one of them become pregnant, decide to raise the child together, without a father figure, and intead by parenting by a committee.

ADULT SWIM has moved ahead with a series order for web-turned-tv series NTSF:SD:SUV from writer/creator, and star .  Series, which is based on a mock police-procedural promo which aired online, and on another series, will also be exec produced by .

CBS is ready to take a run back to the Wild Wild West on the new series from writer/exec and exec , of CSI fame.  Series, which will center on a band of lawmen who enact cowboy-style justice on modern-day criminals in San Antonio, will also be co-executive produced by .

CBS can’t get enough legal dramas on their network, now deciding to jump in bed for a little from /exec and .  Series, which is based on a short story by novelist Goldman, will focus on a female public defender who becomes a prosecutor in order to pursue the truth.   and also exec produce.

FOX has found something to sing about, signing on to develop from Oscar-nominated musician, and writer/exec .  Series, which is being pitched as “Sopranos” meets “Desperate Housewives” will follow a female undercover FBI agent as she infiltrates the Chicago Mob with by becoming friendly with made men’s wives and girlfriends. will also exec produce.

has picked up the project , with an eye toward developing it as an 8-episode mini series. Project, which is being adpted from the -book “Aztec” by , centers on the empire of Tenochtitlan, during its highest moments, and before the Spanish invaders, would lead to its downfall. will exec produce alongside Grant Turck, and .


Veteran has set to work on , optioning the rights to the novel of the same name from writer . Project, which is being developed as a sort of “work place” comedy in the vein of “The Office” is now out to for takes.


Law & Order SVU showrunner has signed a very large 3-year-7-figure deal to exit his longtime home at NBC and move over to procedural-heaven at CBS. Deal, which will not start until June, 2011, will cover Baer’s and showrunner fees for as of yet to be named for the network.


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