ABC has looked to the theater to make great , picking up from writer/exec .  Series, which will be based on the live-theater show of the same name created by , centers on a group of people, who would dig through their childhood diaries and journals to share the most embarrassing, cringe-inducing memories from their youth.   and also exec produce.

ABC has also jumped aboard the from writer/exec .  Series, which will also be exec produced by and , will center on a group of guys, all of whom are at a different stages in their romantic relationships.

NBC has returned to a series they brought to pilot six years ago, by again putting into from writer/exec , who also wrote the book of the same name, which the series is based.  Project centers on a man in his 30’s who is fired from his dream as a writer, and on a whim decides to move to Florida, and live a laid back, and relazed life in a retirement village.

NBC has decided to find some way to keep the exiting star of “The Office” around, by picking up from writer/exec .  Project, which will also be exec produced by , centers on a small town postman, who works in a quirky post office, frequented by frequented by a tight knit group of locals.


SHOWTIME has announced they will be picking up hit series for a sixth season.


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