COMEDY CENTRAL has moved ahead with a greenlight for the from /exec and . Series, which Forrester will direct, and Braunger will star, centers on a nice guy who works a crappy day as a closed-captioner and at night gets into crazy escapades with his curmodgeony friend.

CW is getting back into the comic book game, with a planned adaptation of THE RAVEN, from writer/exec . Series, which is based on the DC comic book series of the same name created by and , centers on “The Raven” – a half-demon also known as Rachel Roth, who uses her abilities as an empath, and to fight crime, and care for humanity, while also struggling with the evil inside of her.

is making it clear that it is going to continue bolstering it’s live action catalog, adding from writer/exec to their slate. Series, which will also exec produce, centers on a trio of brothers, living with their busy single father, and a mysterious man who rents out the spare room, named Timberwolf. As the boys find out more about the man, they discover that he was once a great spy, and after a lot of pleading, they convince the man to teach them spy tactics, they can use in their day to day teen lives.


While not cancelled just yet, NBC has cut the episode order of the action series from 22, to 18. While it is not the kiss of death just yet, the lackluster ratings may very well let the show do itself in by the time the final episodes come around.


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