has made it official, after announcing they were picking up . The western series, which was previously announced to pilot, now has a 10-episode order coming it’s way.

CBS has picked up another social networked series in from writer/supervising producer . The Series, which is based on Oxford’s blog and Twitter feed, will showcase the female lead’s comedic observations and musings about mundane things, pop culture and current events in her day to day life. and will executive produce.

FOX has picked up the new comedy adaptation from /exec producers and . Series, which is based on the non-fiction book of the same name by , is centered on a 25 year-old underachiever adopted and raised by a family of eccentric intellectuals, whom after meeting his birth father, who is the polar opposite of the father who raised him, decides to chronicle the advice from both fathers, to one day pass on to his son, as the “perfect” advice.

SHOWTIME has added another late pickup to its slate going into the new year, picking up from /exec producers and . Series, which and also exec producer, centers on a Manhattan limo driver, who on the verge of slipping into madness, decides to become someone different every day at work, using his characters as an escape from his mundane life.


has handed a second season renewal to the 1/2 hour animated comedy .


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