TV Sales, Pickups, Deals & Greenlights (09.14.12)



Fox has landed a dramedy pilot from and . The project, titled , follows a cocky wunderkind taken in by the CIA and mentored by a hardened agent, leading to an unlikely bond between the two. Kinberg will exec produce with taking head of . Katims and Kinberg are both repped by .

and have taken advantage of their first look deal with Universal and NBC by selling them a project titled . The drama will follow a young doctor working in the White House who harbors a secret past. “General Hospital” head writer is also working on the project. Zadan and Meron are both repped by .

Gina Fattore has set up a multi-cultural family drama at NBC titled HOLIDAY. Fattore will write and take on executive producing duties with on the project which follows a very large extended family whose story is told only through the holidays. Both Fattore and Olmstead are repped by .

and have sold a multi-camera comedy to CBS. The project, based on the brothers’ real life experiences, follows a man who discovers that he has a massive family. The duo will both write with Tim executive producing and Michael co-executive producing. Michael is repped by ICM and Tim by .

ABC has purchased a comedy from following a widow who tries to move on with her life. The project is inspired by Dibai’s own life as she unexpectedly lost her husband and writing partner last year. Dibai will write and executive produce with , and also exec producing. Dibai is repped by .

ABC has taken on , a project from writer . The project follows a family on wild and magical frontier where where monsters are real. Di Bonaventura will produce with Marks, and executive producing. Marks is repped by .

CBS has committed to , a legal drama from “The Mentalist” creator . The project follows a female lawyer and an ex-convict who team up to protect the rights of victims. Heller is repped by .

A&E has purchased the pilot , produced by and written by . The project follows an FBI agent who unravels trying to solve the disappearance of his wife. After taking time off he returns and is partnered with an agent who specializes in the occult, prompting both of them to take missions in the FBI’s newly formed Occult division. Bay and Wong will executive produce with and from Platinum Dunes. Both Bay and Wong are repped by .

has sold two comedies to CBS. One is a single-camera comedy that he will write solo and the other is a hybrid which will be written by . Details of the first project are kept under wraps but it is said to be in the vein of Garcia’s previous work, “My Name Is Earl” and “Raising Hope”. Sanchez-Witzel’s project acts as a pseudo-mockumentary about a woman who films her famly to prove that they are crazy. She will exec produce the project with Garcia. Garcia is repped by and Sanchez-Witzel by .

, and have teamed up for an hour-long drama for CW titled . Ellis is penning the and exec producing with Schwartz and . The project is centered on a high school that is so tough that its students begin turning into monsters. Ellis is repped by , Schwartz by and Hardwicke by .

NBC has purchased a soap from , who has teamed with Sean Hayes, , and on the project. The series follows a Dr. Oz type of character who suffers a fall from grace and attempts to build himself back up. Universal will be the .

Fox has purchased a comedy pitch from and under the working title . The series will follow two twenty-something friends who quit their jobs to start up their own company but quickly find themselves having trouble to balance their adult lives with their company. Kaplan/Perrone will produce the project. Phillips and Fleischer are repped by .

, and have secured a put pilot commitment from Fox for their comedy pilot . Cross, a feature writer, will be making her debut with the project which follows several adults tailoring their lives to the needs of their kids. Cross, Schwartz and Savage will executive produce with . Cross Schwartz and Savage are all repped by .

NBC has purchased a single camera comedy from Ellen Degeneres. The untitled project will be written by and center on a 32 year old proudly single woman who eventually begins to fear that she will die alone forever.

ABC has purchased the soap opera from , who will write and executive produce with . The project is set against the backdrop of a family run beauty business. Turner is repped by .

and have lined up an untitled pilot with . Based on Elmore Leonard’s “When the Women Come Out To Dance”, the project will follow a Miami man attempting to run for political office who marries a Columbian woman to better his chances, but soon finds out that she brings far more baggage to the table than he bargained for. The project was originally set up at NBC but didn’t make the final cut. Falacci and Heuton are repped by Rothman Brecher Kim.

and have secured a pilot commitment with penalty from Fox for , which centers on a young CIA agent who must infiltrate field offices of the FBI and take down who are working with enemies of the United States. Ravich will write and executive produce. Both men are repped by .

Fox has ordered an untitled family adventure pilot from and . The project follows two CIA operatives married with teenage children whose past comes up and nearly gets them killed. Now, with their children in on their professions, they must all team up to take down those who tried to kill them. Both men will exec produce with Cassidy writing the . Cassidy is repped by and Gordon by .

NBC has purchased the comedy “Bachelorette” scribe , based on her stage play of the same name. Both the play and show revolve around an assistant to a Studio exec trying to balance her business and personel life. Headland will write and exec produce , , and . Headland is repped by .


The series EPISODES has been renewed for a nine episode third season. The series created by and stars Matt LeBlanc as a fictionalized version of himself ala “Curb Your Enthusiasm”. Both Crane and Klarik are repped by .


and his company Mojo have signed a two year deal with CBS . Under the contract, Fleder will continue to exec produce the series “Beauty And The Beast” and will develop and executive produce new series for the with his producing partner . Fleder is repped by .


Mexican director is attached to helm the pilot for the upcoming FX drama . The project is based on the Scandinavian series “Bron” and follows two detectives, one from Mexico and one from the United States, who must team up to track down a serial killer working on both sides of the border. The pilot was written by Meredith Stiehm and Elwood Reid. Naranjo directed the Oscar nominated pic “Miss Bala” and is currently working on “A Man Must Die”. He is repped by .

, has been tapped to direct the produced pilot as well as executive produce. The series follows the crew of a naval destroyer who, after surviving a global catastrophe that eliminates almost the entire population, must come to terms with being some of the few survivors left on Earth. Action director Mostow is perhaps best known for directing “Terminator 3” and “U-571”. He is repped by .


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