TV Sales, Renewals, Attachments, Deals & Greenlights (02.07.14)



Novel AMERICAN GODS is being turned into a show. The project centers on the old Biblical and mythological gods, who now must contend with new ‘American Gods’ based on modern vices such as greed and fame. Neil Gaiman is exec producing.

QUEEN OF EVERYTHING is being developed by Fox. Ali Waller wrote the , which centers on an evil queen in a fairytale land, who tries to right her wrongs because her staff and servants can’t stand her. Waller, repped by , will exec produce with Zooey Deschanel and Sophia Rossi.

CW is developing THE MESSENGERS from writer Eoghan O’Donnell. The series centers on a group of strangers who think they are killed when a strange object crashes from the sky. However, they wake up and are tasked with preventing the apocalypse. O’Donnell will exec produce with Basil Iwanyk. He is repped by ICM.

DRUMLINE: A NEW BEAT is in at VH1 as a movie and a sequel to Nick Cannon’s “Drumline.” Regina Hicks and Karin Gist are writing the film, which centers on a girl from New York who goes to school in Louisiana in hopes of revitalizing her college’s once-prominent drumline. Cannon will exec produce with Wendy Finerman, Jody Gerson and Dallas Austin. Hicks is with while Gist is repped by ICM.

CBS has given a pilot order to SCORPION, written by Nick Santora. It centers on a super-genius who leads a group of other geniuses as the last line of defense against threats from the modern world. Santora will executive produce with Justin Lin, Alex Kurtzman, Bob Orci, Heather Kadin and Scooter Braun. Santora is repped by .

Starz is developing the comedy SURVIVOR’S REMORSE written by Mike O’Malley. The project serves as a comedic and light-hearted look at the world o basketball. O’Malley will exec produce with LeBron James, Tom Werner, Maverick Carter and Paul Wachter. O’Malley is repped by .

Syfy has picked up Maria Jacquemetton’s for DMZ, based on the DC comic of the same name. The project centers on a man stuck in Manhattan, which has been turned into a demilitarized zone in the wake of a second American Civil . Jacquemetton will produce with her husband, Andre, Jeffrey Clifford and David Heyman. She is repped by .

CBS has picked up two untitled drama pilots. The first was written by Taylor Elmore and Ben Cavell and centers on Wall Street. The second, written by Mike and Chris Kelly, centers on quadruplets who grew up living their lives on a reality show.

Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg are writing and exec producing PREACHER, based on the DC comic of the same name. The project centers on a preacher who finds out that God has abandoned his responsibilities, prompting the preacher to find him. Both writers are with .

Lifetime has picked up UNREAL, which centers on a wild dating competition show. Marti Noxon wrote the project. Noxon is repped by .


THE EXES has been renewed for a fourth season by Land.


David Semel will direct the pilot for MADAM SECRETARY. The project centers on the Secretary of State who tries to balance politics with her personal life. Semel has directed episodes of “Homeland”, “American Horror Story” and “Hemlock Grove” and is repped by .

SALVATION has tapped Jeffrey Reiner to direct its pilot. The pilot centers on a Texas mega-church that serves as the epicenter of a small town. He has directed episodes of “Awake” and “Homeland” and is repped by .

McG will direct THE MYSTERIES OF LAURA pilot for NBC. The project centers on a homicide detective who, despite being excellent at her , is less competent raising her two sons. McG directed “This Means ” and is repped by .


Bill Wrubel has signed a three-year overall deal with Warner Bros. , under which, he will develop new projects. He is repped by .


LEGENDS has been greenlit by Comedy Central. The animated comedy centers on three inner-city basketball players who consider themselves worthy of legend status, even though no one else does. Michael Starburry () wrote the and will executive produce with Mike Clements, Scott Greenberg, Mark McJimsey and Joel Kuwahara.

Amazon has given the greenlight to dramedy COCKED. Written by Samuel Baum and Sam Shaw, the pilot centers on an estranged son who reunites with his father to work in the family gun manufacturing plant. Baum is with .


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