TV Sales, Renewals, Greenlights, Attachments, Cancellations And Deals (10.12.12)



Fox has ordred the of a action comedy series titled based on Electronic Arts video game “Battlefield: Bad Company”. The game is war based and lauded for it’s multiplayer battles. The project will be written and exec produced by and follows four soldiers who shift from the military to private sector but realize their former commander was using them for illegal shadow operations and now the government wants them dead. Doug Robinson, Patrick Bach and Patrick O’Brien will also exec produce. Eisendrath is repped by ICM.

has sold two dramas to NBC, both of which he will write and executive produce. The first, titled , follows an Iraq war veteran who lives in upstate and robs from the corrupt banks and government officials and gives the money to the needy. The second project, titled , centers on a journalist and FBI agent who team up to investigate an underground group of brilliant children who attend a secret school. It is based on a Chilean format created by Sergio Aguero, who will executive produce. Sanzel is repped by .

and have sold the comedy to Comedy Central. The project stars Jacobson and Glazer (who are also exec producing) and follows them through City as they make the most mundane tasks difficult. Amy Poehler will executive produce as well with Dave Becky and Samantha Saifer.

has sold to CBS. The project centers on a Persian-American man married to an Irish-American woman, a union they have no problem with but their parents can’t stand. Sutton will produce with Eric and Kim Tannenbaum. Sutton is repped by .

The CW has put into , a modern take on “Great Expectations” with Reese Witherspoon exec producing. wrote the for the project which centers on a small town girl ambitiously trying to make it in the big city. Just when it seems that she’ll have to give up her dreams, a large sume of money comes from an unknown benefactor. Goodloe will also executive produce with Bruna Papandrea, Meghan Lyvers and Evelyn O’Neill. Goodloe is repped by .

ABC has purchased from and Robert Horn. Lasher’s, titled , is a dramedy that centers on the darker side of marriage and parenthood. She is repped by and will exec produce with Jonathan Levin. Horn’s project is titled and is based on his own experiences of starting a family. He is repped by and will executive produce with Lindy Ascher.

and have sold a project to Fox following an intense bidding war. will direct the project which also had a hand in creating. The project is based on Harris and Kinsey’s own relationship and follows two best friends, recently divorced, who become closer from their experiences. Harris, Kinsey and Traub are all repped by .

, and JJ Abrams have sold their single-camera comedy to Fox. Based on the book “Adulting: How To Become A Grown-Up In 387 Easy(ish) Steps” written by , the series will follow a women giving out humorous advice on how to make the transition to adulthood. Kohn, Silverstein and Abrams will exec produce with Bryan Burk. Kohn Silverstein and Abrams are all repped by .

ABC has bought from . The project is described as a modern soap opera twist on “Great Expecations”. and will write and co-exec produce with Chase exec producing. Chase is repped by .

, creator of the popular (and Tracking Board favorite) #Hollywoodassistants blog has sold a comedy project to CBS based on her internet sensation. The series, titled , follows five people in their early twenties doing whatever they can to achieve their Hollywood dreams. Bachelis will write and serve as a supervising on the project which has Fred Savage attached to direct and exec produce. She is repped by .

, Ruben Fleisher and have received a put pilot commitment on their supernatural comedy . The project, based on an Australian series of the same name, follows a Boston cop put on night watch on Nantucket Island where strange things start happening. Cary will write. He is repped by and Fleischer by .

ABC has put in place a -to-13-episode deal with for a project based on his character Michael Bennet from his book . will write the and exec produce with Patterson. Modrovich and Patterson are both repped by .

Graphic novel writer has sold two . The first is a crime thriller for Fox titled RISIGN SUNS follows an American Yakuza member on the run from the FBI. Kyle Killen will exec produce. The second, an untitled project centers on a secret agent who acts as the “cleanup crew” for another agent’s missions. Peter Traugott and Rachel Kaplan will exec produce. Brubaker is repped by .

and his brother Duncan have sold a comedy to ABC that they have written and exec produced. The project centers on two families in rural Oregon who buy a shop. They are repped buy ICM.

is currently in at NBC with Carlton Cuse and (who will write the ) executive producing. The project centers on six mythical guns in the Wild West. When the sixth, the most powerful of the group, gets into the hands of a young woman, evil forces begin to arise. Condal is repped by .

Fox has purchased an untitled comedy based on John Legend’s life, which he will produce. Written by and , it focuses on an early twenties man who becomes the guardian to his younger siblings while trying to balance his career and social life. Mike Jackson and Ty Stiklorious will exec produce. Dewey and Bratman are repped by .

has sold two to NBC. The first is currently under the working title of and follows two people working for the same company, total opposites, who realize they need to work together to accomplish a . Peter Chernin and Katherine Pope will executive produce. Teh second will be a remake of the British restaurant sitcom . Howard Klein will executive produce. Weiner is repped by .

The Mark Gordon Company has sold two hourlong to ABC. The first, , is a dramedy about the interconnected sex and personel lives of ten people in City. The pilot was written by who will exec produce with Mark Gordon and Nicholas Pepper. The second, titled , follows an FBI agent who finds out her estranged father is a master thief. It was written by who will executive produce. Both Spezialy and Hawley are repped by .

NBC has put F*CK I’M IN MY TWENTIES into . Based on a blog and book by , the project follows a recent college graduate trying to make it in the big city. Koenig will co-write with , who will executive produce with Gail Berman, Lloyd Braun and Gene Stein. Koenig is repped by and Lowell is repped by .

NBC is about ready to purchase from . The series will serve as a sequel to the book and movie “Alice in Wonderland”. will write the project. The project takes place seven years after the events of the book and Alice’s friend Clara begins to see her life spiral out of control, only to have a mysterious stranger tell her it can be fixed by revisiting Wonderland. Zuiker and Anderson, both repped by , will exec produce.

NBC has bought from and . A nulti-cam comedy, the project is based on the book “Undateable: 311 Things Guys Do That Guarantee They Won’t Be Dating Or Having Sex” written by and . It follows two guys who find common ground in the fact that neither of them can date women. Lawrence and Sztykiel will exec produce with Jeff Inglod. Sztykiel is repped by and Lawrence by ICM.

Salma Hayek and Lauren Shuler Donner will executive produce , which CBS has put in . Written by , the project serves as a modern retelling of the original “Cisco Kid”. After serving tours overseas as a Marine, Cisco returns to LA and witnesses his father’s murder. He and his Marine pal Sam team up to fight the crime that the police department cannot. Gutierrez is repped by .

and will be writing for CBS based on Stollak’s blog of the same name. The project follows the dating lives of a twenty-something woman and her grandmother. Stollak and Todd will exec produce with Jerry Bruckheimer and Jonathan Littman. Todd is repped by Rothman Brecher Kim.


Fox has given back orders to and . “The Mindy Project” was given a full season order with a nine-episode pickup and “Ben and Kate” has received a six-episode back order. “Ben and Kate” is created and written by and “The Mindy Project” by . Fox is repped by .

USA drama series has been renewed for a sixteen episode third season. The centerpiece of USA’s television, the show is coming off a strong summer. It will pick back up in January with six episodes to finish off season two.


will end its run after its upcoming fifth season. Created by Brenda Hampton and breaking out “The Descendants” star Shailene Woodley, the final season will premiere in March.

Dane Cook’s has been cancelled four episodes in to its six episode order due to the series not going in the creative direction NBC was hoping for. The series featured Cook as an abrasive radio host with a soft-spoken female sidekick.


, creator of the HBO series “Carnivale”, will serve as the showrunner and head writer for NBC’s . The project follows Dracula posing as an American businessman in hopes of exacting revenge on those who had wronged him but instead falls in love with a woman that reminds him of his late wife. Knauf will exec produce with Tony Krantz, Colin Callender, Gareth Neame and Anne Mensah. Knauf is repped by ICM.


and have been given a greenlight from NBC on a medical drama. The untitled project would follow a group of military doctors working the night shift at a San Antonio hospital. The project has been ordered as an off-cycle pilot. Sachs and Judah are repped by .


has signed an overall deal with HBO, under which, he and his company RipCord Productions will create and develop new . White is the creator of the current HBO series “Enlightened” and served as a in the recently wrapped film “Magic, Magic”. He is repped by .


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