Two More Sexy Stars Set to Be Dipped in SYRUP!


Just a few days ago we heard that Amber Heard and Shiloh Fernandez were set to star in the upcoming indie dramedy . Today, we add two more names to that, as now and have also joined the cast. The film, which is based on the book of the same name from writer Max Barry, centers on a 20-something-year-old slacker who teams up with a executive just as young at a soda industry giant to try and pitch his new idea. The story is pitched as a sort of coming-of-age tale for someone trying to figure their 20’s out. Equally up-and-coming writer/director Aram Rappaport will helm from a script he wrote.

Lutz, who broke out with his starring roles in the “Twilight” franchise, will next be seen in “Immortals” and “Love, Wedding, Marriage”. Williams will be all over your screen this fall, as she stars in the upcoming Judd Apatow, Lena Dunham comedy series “Girls”.

Lutz is repped by and . Williams is repped by .



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