“Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” Has Us Excited for Summer with Season Three Trailer (Video)


Kimmy Schmidt is back, she’s got her GED, and she’s ready for the next step: College.   starring Ellie Kemper and Titus Burgess released its season three trailer today and looks like it may be the comedy’s best yet! In the trailer, Kimmy announces she’s going to college and with that we get a glimpse of what we would expect (conversations on consent and the return of Xan) and the Kimmy-isms that always perfectly surprise (no recess?!).

The quick two minutes pack a punch and culminates in a parody of Beyonce’s Lemonade by Titus. Everything about this trailer has me excited for season three. The show was a hit from its first season, but personally I felt like the series his its stride in season two. The jokes were sharper and references more distinct to Kimmy, a child of the nineties, and leaning less on the racial stereotypes that stirred conversations and drew criticisms in season one. I love that this show feels like it grows alongside its protagonist and that someone as driven as Kimmy would want to get her degree, have the power over her abuser (with the return of Jon Hamm), and is never hampered by the the setbacks the world throws her. It’s the kind of attitude and approach to life that viewers need right now and a fantastic reprieve from all the dark dramas and darker news stories that fill our screens.

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