Universal Secures Rights to “Little America” Dystopian Spec with Michael Bay Producing


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There’s no doubt with the current political and cultural climate of the United States, and world at large, the entertainment industry is going to produce content with commentary, parallel to, or inspired by real events. This is certainly nothing new, but it could become more explicit or prolific going forward.

An example of this was the recent bidding war for LITTLE AMERICA, a spec by British filmmaker , which has been won by Universal. Director is set to produce the project with . Athale is also attached to helm the film.

Set in a dystopian future, America has been bankrupt by a “Donald Trump-like president” and China has called in all the debts of the nation, leading Americans to begin to immigrate to China to look for work. In this new world, a Chinese billionaire must hire a former American Force Recon member to rescue his daughter from an American ghetto.

like this — drawing directly from real events — can go many different ways, so it’s hard to tell if this project will be too on the nose or stick its landing and deliver a solid punch. Either way, it’s not difficult to understand why the spec sparked such an intense buzz around it.

Bay and Dunes have most recently produced franchises like Ouija and The Purge, the latter of which is another example of a story set in a dystopian future.

Athale gained acclaim in 2013 for his film Wasteland, which earned him a British Independent Award nomination. Most recently, he wrapped on Revolt, a sci-fi film for which he wrote the screenplay, and he’s currently in writing and directing the sci-fi thriller Outside the Wire. He’s repped by , , and 42.


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This news was first reported by the Hollywood Reporter.