Unmasking The Winner- The Tracking Board’s Fourth Annual Halloween Logline Contest (Things We Love)


halloween logline contest banner

Halloween is upon us and it is time to reveal the winner of our Halloween logline contest! You sent us your darkest, most frightening, diabolical loglines, but there can only be one winner. Without further ado, the champion of The Tracking Board’s fourth annual Halloween logline contest: Sara Ataiiyan!

Sara’s logline delighted and disturbed us. Sara succinctly paints a picture of pain, grief, suspicion, and doubt in this pitch for a psychological thriller. We enjoyed the mystery of the murder with the sheer terror of a grieving parent learning to cope with the loss of a child.

Thanks to all who submitted! And hey, now that you’ve written these amazing loglines, why not get started on a great script? Happy Halloween!


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