UTA, Gotham Group Shopping “The Endorsement,” Provocative Political Thriller Set Amid 2016 Election


The Endorsement by Zack Ford

and the are shopping , a provocative political thriller written by that has (Saw 3D) attached to direct, the Tracking Board has learned.

Set amid the 2016 presidential election, the script follows a Midwestern newspaper editor who is stalked by fringe extremists after she writes an article endorsing one of the candidates.

The Endorsement will be produced by , whose credits include Pet and the upcoming indie Sharon Tate and the Manson Murders starring Kate Bosworth.

“Some might call this project controversial, but I think it’s important for art to talk about these things as they’re happening, not years down the line,” said Phillips.

“These references are throwbacks, but it’s kind of like The Paper meets Cape Fear. It’s got an amazing female protagonist,” added Ford.

Greutert edited the first five films in the Saw franchise, including James Wan’s original, before going on to direct the last two installments in the series, Saw VI and Saw 3D. He also directed Visions and Jessabelle for Blumhouse, as well as the recent Stephen Dorff film Jackals.

Ford previously wrote The Watcher, a spec script that was voted to the 2016 Blood List and is currently moving forward at Kaplan/Perrone and Mason Novick’s Lost City under the direction of Chloe Okuno, whose short film Slut has made waves at festivals in recent years.

Greutert is represented by attorney Robert S. Wallerstein and , which also reps Ford along with the .

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