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finds Doc and Axel while searching for the mysterious red door but she is afraid her bite might hurt him in “Veritas Vincit.” This episode delivered another big story surprise and Missy Peregrym joins the cast in a major role. Another bonus, Dmitri names the old crusty vampire, the Elder, which is a tiny little organizational victory in a season that shows continual improvement.

Vanessa has another dream about the red door, but this one includes Susan and Elder whispering into her ear about seeking the truth to her identity hidden behind the door. Van recognizes the layout as the underground lab/bunker complex, she remembers it isn’t far away. Julius also gets the dreams, but without Susan and Elder. He’s just happy to dream again. New info, Julius type vamps don’t get dreams, but Dmitri type vamps do.

Van says she feels Susan close by, she follows the feeling and finds Doc and Axel. Doc is happy to see Van and hopes she’ll save Axel. While Van is happy to see Axel, not so much Doc, she’s afraid to bite him because she doesn’t want him to burn up like Dylan. Van is close enough to the bunker to check it out but she wants to go solo. She tells Julius to find the military base, fuel, and juice up their old ambulance, Wanda. Julius doesn’t want her wandering around the bunker alone, but he also knows they’re going to need that transportation.


Dmitri sends an emissary to a rival vampire tribe. He wants help finding Elder and convince him to destroy Van. Scab, his messenger, finds the weirdo face-paint wearing tribe and asks to speak with their leader, Maya. First, why would vamps need to wear face paint? Second, why would creatures pale from lack of sunlight that chose to wear face-paint choose white face-paint? I’m not sure if we’re supposed to fear this group but they don’t appear formidable.

Doc joins Julius in his quest for Wanda and fuel. She finds his optimism annoying but he’s just happy to be outside with the sun on his face. When Doc steps in an explosive trap, Julius saves her but catches shrapnel in his leg. They limp into the military base together and she checks his leg, which could be infected. Doc can give him an antibiotic shot, but he’s squeamish around needles. Apparently, Julius was a sick kid and had his fill of needles at an early age.

Meanwhile, Van makes her way through the old bunker where she stayed with Susan and the rest of the gang. She’s about to check out the red door when the forest ninja calls her out in the hall. Scarlett Harker, played by Missy Peregrym, says she’s been following Van for a long time and has many questions; can she really return a vampire’s humanity? Van doesn’t embrace Harker right off and Axel flies in and attacks, but he’s weak, Harker nearly kills him. Van stops her, but it turns into a slashy, hacky kind of fight. Van catches a sword but she gets close enough to kill Harker. Harker has a grenade in case things go south. She agrees to leave Axel alone for the moment.


Van helps Axel back to the old cot while she checks out the red door with Harker. There’s a key code lock, but it opens when Van enters her last name. They find a creepy lab with a vampire-human hybrid baby floating in yellow liquid, like a pickled egg bar-jar. Van gets the notion she might have been one of these evil concoctions and wants to leave but Harker convinces her to keep searching. Certain parts of the lab still have power, including one of the computers. They don’t know the password, but it opens when Van presses his finger to the print reader.

Van and Scarlett both start to remember different rooms in the lab. Van remembers the computer, but Scarlett remembers the administrative office. Then, they find a playroom for children. Van remembers a woman telling the man she didn’t want her daughter observed like some sort of experiment. She remembers her mother telling her if something bad happened, the key to her survival was hidden behind the mountain in the playroom mural. Van also remembers young Scarlett as a sister. Scarlett doesn’t believe it, she was raised by Charles and Ella Harker. Charles was a doomsday survivalist that trained Scarlett how to fight and survive from a very young age. Van hacks through the mural and finds a double-barreled key, but doesn’t know where it goes yet.

This whole sister, family, dream secret twist is an interesting addition to the story. Harker seems even less likely to take orders than Van, but she makes a very skilled addition to the team, if they ever make it out of the lab. Dmitri rocks in with a crew at the very end and blocks their escape route. They check on Axel, but he’s not where they left him either. Maybe he’s got one last Han Solo move left in him. I’m hoping both Axel and Scarlett survive next week, they’d make an interesting couple moving forward. I can’t wait to see what Dmitri does with that pickled baby, he has his own way of dealing.


Season 2, Episode 6 (S0E06)
Van Helsing airs Fridays at 10PM on Syfy

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