Variety Announces – Top 10 Directors To Watch (2013)



While Variety will not profile the directors until the release of the December 17th print, they have gone ahead and announced their list of “Directors to Watch” for 2013 (and beyond).

Here are your Top 10:

She’s an actress turned writer/director. Her debut movie was 2004’s “A Way of Life.” Her most recent feature “Belle” will be released next year. She also has “Where Hands Touch” and “Hunted by Their Families” in the works, both of which she will write and direct.

She’s gone from directing short documentaries (“Flood”) to feature length documentaries (“The Arbor”) to her feature directorial debut with “The Selfish Giant.”

He’s directed numerous shorts including “Hotel 66” and “Lighthouse” and made his directorial debut with “Ilo Ilo”, which he also wrote and produced.

While he’s written for the British shows “The Secret Diaries of A Call Girl” and most recently “Amber” it’s in the documentary world where he shines as a director. He’s done several shorts but has most recently directed “Natan”, “Very Extremely Dangerous” and “Barbaric Genius.”

As the husband of the talented Melissa McCarthy he’s appeared in several of her movies including “The Heat”, “Identity Thief” and “Bridesmaids.” He’ll be making his directorial debut with “Tammy” which stars McCarthy, who also cowrote the movie with him. On the horizon for him are several projects (“Michelle Darnell”, “Just Do It”, “Cousin Irv from Mars”) he cowrote with others.

She started out as a writer for TV (“The Larry Sanders Show”) and branched out into movies with “The Rocker” and most recently “Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days.” She’ll be making her directorial debut with the indie comedy “Infinitely Polar Bear” that stars Mark Ruffalo and Zoe Saldana.

The duo has functioned very similar to how the Coen Brothers work, one directs the other produces, while in actuality they actually do both. They’ve worked mostly in short documentary form (“The Elephant Bath”, “The Gambling Man”) with the exception of 2009’s “The Way We Get By.” They made their fiction directorial debut with the small town drama “Beneath the Harvest Sky.”

The Finnish director has been working steadily in both shorts and film. His most recently movie is “Heart of a Lion” and he’s currently filming a comedy “Very Grumpy Old Man” now.

He’s directed a lot of shorts including his latest one “The Goldfish” which is based on a short story by flash fiction pro Etgar Keret. Simien is currently in post- on his feature directorial debut with the wonderfully titled “Dear White People.”

She wrote 2011’s comedy fantasy “A Little Bit of Heaven” and is currently in post on her directorial debut with “The Road Within.”


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