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wraps up most of its storylines in its penultimate episode. Dan is fired from CBS This Morning, with Jane returning permanently after her interview with Jonah last week. Kent is fired from Jonah’s team, leaving him free to team up with Ben and Dan to make a consulting firm. And Jonah is unceremoniously kicked off the New Hampshire congressional ballot, left without a , a fiancé, and even the ability to have an erection–he goes through his circumcision, the final step in his conversion to Judaism, before Shawnee leaves him.


Selina’s book finally comes out–it’s titled “A Woman First: First Woman”, which Mike insists is a pun on something. But Mike’s epic incompetence ruins what should be a celebratory moment. Leon West publishes revelations he learns from Mike’s diary. Even though we’ve seen all the scheming and illegal activity her administration engaged in, it’s still shocking hearing them listed one by one. She took advice from her high school dropout trainer she was sleeping with, she bargained with a soldier’s life, she interfered with the Georgian elections, and she used stolen data to target grieving parents with campaign mailers, to name a few.

The last one could actually land her in prison. This is a dark episode, full of pitch black jokes, but there’s a twist that results in a happy-ish ending for Selina. Buried in Leon’s salacious and scandalous reveals is the fact that Selina was the one who actually negotiated Tibet’s freedom, not President Montez. Jane latches onto this, claiming that no one would care about Selina’s other scandals if she were a man. Suddenly, everyone is Team Selina. Yale even wants to be the site of her library–never mind the fact that Selina already began demolishing Mee Maw’s house, that’s Katherine’s problem now.

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Speaking of Katherine, she’s diagnosed with an “incompetent uterus” and put on bed rest. Selina’s callous disregard for her only daughter is on full display this episode. Her response to this news is to wonder why Katherine’s uterus would be any different from the rest of her and to worry more about the French linen on the couch she’s resting on than the health of her future grandchild. But she does use Katherine as an excuse to cancel on the Tonight Show, as she doesn’t want to deal with questions about Leon’s articles.

After the Tibet news breaks, Selina agrees to go on the show, ignoring th fact that this time Katherine really is in trouble. She’s rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. I have to think that the baby will be alright–this show is dark, but not that dark. The show’s host, played by Adam Scott, isn’t in the mood to play silly games–those are for people who don’t cancel on him. He has kids read out loud mean reviews of her book while she squirms uncomfortably.

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This episode also features the return of Uncle Jeff, who absolutely destroys Jonah while he lays in a hospital bed. Shawnee has decided to stick by his side despite her father threatening to cut her off, at least until Jeff tells them that he’s taking Jonah off the ballot and replacing him with cousin Ezra. Jeff’s appearance is a non-stop list of dark jokes. Some highlights include “wishes belong at the bottom of a well with unwanted girl children” and describing Sherman Tanz as the guy who puts “the Jew in why people hate Jews.” Knowing Jonah, he’ll miraculously rebound in some way next week, but for once, Selina is on top.


Season 6, Episode 09 (S06E09)
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